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Pedal Power! The BMW Cruise Bike

By Marc Hansen

We all know that hybrid cars alternate between electricity and petrol, but urban bikes are even more eco-friendly than that–they switch between pedal power and electricity.


Several big car manufacturers have seen the market for these long distance bikes grow: Peugeot has an entire department dedicated to the development of urban and racing bicycles, and Lamborghini decided to celebrate their 50 years in the world of engine production with the launch of a special edition bike inspired by their car designs.

Now, BMW has entered the quirky world of urban vehicles with the launch of its Cruise, an electric bike designed to move in the city. The BMW Cruise bike 1690957has an estimated weight of 20 kg and can reach speeds of 85 km/hr, with the help of the 250 w electric motor designed by Bosch. Moreover, it boasts an on-board computer, housed in the handlebar, which allows cyclists to see measurements for speed and battery life.

BMW will be launching a first batch of 1000 bikes in the German market, on a trial basis. We like the idea of having a backup on a bike: when human energy is spent, the motor takes over, perfect for super-hot summer days when even squeezing a brake handle feels like too much effort. City bike? We’re taking ours to the beach.

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