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Brilliantly Beautiful: Ballroom Luminoso Lights

By Arwa Lodhi

‘Ballroom Luminoso’ is the apt name given to these hand crafted chandeliers that throw intricate lace-like shadows. And the most interesting part? Each chandelier is made entirely from upcycled bicycle parts.


Inspired by Mexican Day of the Dead art, Β Joe O’Connell + Blessing Hancock Public Art Β intended for their unique designs to throw spooky, detailed shadows onto walls, creating a kind of art installation in each room they grace. The intention is to inspire emotions, be they delight, romance or wonder.


Indeed, the artists themselves state: “interactivity lies at the heart of our sculpture and we like to leave room for people to bring their own meaning to pieces in significant ways. We often begin with an emotion we want to convey and then find ways to give it form.”


The duo often use technology in their works, including LEDs, sound, and optical projection, and blend it in with their local culture, nature and history, to create abstractions of what surrounds them.


While all their work is interesting, Eluxe is especially enthralled with these lamps for their reference to one of our favourite places – Mexico – and of course, for their eco-cred. Forget public art; we want these for home!


For more information, please click here.

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