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7 Steps to a Greener Home

By Chere Di Boscio

It’s not easy decorating a house. First, you probably have different tastes to contend with–he wants a TV the WC, you want the small bedroom to be converted into a walk-in closet. He wants a pool table; you want an indoor gym. And then, if you want to make your home energy efficient and eco-friendly, a whole new set of problems arises…


Living in Space can’t solve household disputes about taste, but they can certainly help with making your home greener.

This super-stylish, London based consultancy practices what it preaches about greener living: its electricity is powered by wind turbines; they use reclaimed building materials whenever possible, and all the wood they use is FSC/PEFC regulated, for a start.


To improve household eco-friendliness, they suggest a 7-step program, starting with evaluating the current situation in the client’s home with an EPC (energy performance certificate) check, then they work with the client to establish targets: will there be a huge system overhaul, with renewable energy solutions such as solar panels or wind turbines, or will current systems be made more efficient via double glazed windows and insulation, for example?


Next, possible government grants that could help the project are considered, and then a proposal is given, along with a cost/benefit analysis of the whole job–investing in energy efficiency may at first seem financially daunting, but it usually actually saves money over time. When a plan is agreed upon, it is implemented, scored for how it ranks in the code for sustainable homes, and evaluated for performance over time. A maintenance strategy is devised and a construction team is hired to monitored for this.


But Living in Space doesn’t just offer solutions for energy efficiency–they’re also modern, stylish interior decorators, with a green twist, of course. Β Only VOC paints and FSC flooring is ever incorporated into their work; countertops are crafted from recycled materials; wallpapers are usually printed on recycled or FSC managed paper, Β and for those who have no yard, green walls and roof terraces can be designed to bring some nature back to urban dwellings, making for an indisputably greener, and possibly even happier, home.

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