6 Ways Technology Is Making Fashion Sustainable

Technology is making fashion sustainable, as these six great innovations illustrate By Charles Morley The fact that technology is making fashion sustainable shouldn’t be surprising: tech has always been somewhat embedded in the very fabric of fashion…no pun intended. But now more than ever, experts are setting their sights quite ambitiously far ahead in order to dream up the next big thing – and this time, it’s for the sake of future generations. Far from simply utilising and continually improving technology for the clothing manufacturing process, we’re slowly but surely entering an age where technology and fashion are coming together as one to create clothing and accessories that are far more sustainable. Given the energy intensity of producing most fabric, this is a very welcome change. While it may initially seem that organic cotton or recycled polymers may be a great foundation for the clothing we wear, when you consider the vast land and quantities of water used by cotton or the horrendously energy intensive and highly polluting process of extracting oil to make plastics, it seems high tech may have a lot to offer. Here are 6 fascinating ways technology is making fashion sustainable, thanks to some key innovations. … Continue reading 6 Ways Technology Is Making Fashion Sustainable