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We’re Pretty Excited About Cheap Mondays Sustainable Range

By Diane Small

You know what? The Swedes do denim pretty well. Nudie, Doctor Denim and Tretorn are but a few jeans brands from the snowy land of blondes. They’re generally super-expensive, limiting their accessibility to, I dunno – Swedish supermodels and former members of Abba?

But way back in 2004, another denim brand was born there – Cheap Mondays – and now we can finally talk about them. Why ‘finally now’ you ask? Well, because at last, they’ve become sustainable. Yay!

The popular brand’s jeans always fit like a glove and wore hard and rough through late night parties, weekends away and through laundry cycle after laundry cycle. But now, we were thrilled to learn that they’re made from organic cotton. From super skinny stretch pants to on-trend frayed denim jackets, all of that fabric is organic, my friends. This not only means 71% less water and 62% less energy is used, but also that nasty pesticide-ridden cotton isn’t resting next to your butt, possibly permeating your skin (yes, this is a thing, according to Greenpeace).

But that’s not all – in addition to the eco-friendly cotton denim range, Cheap Mondays is aiming to be a 100% sustainable brand by 2018 by introducing a recycling program for old clothing. The idea is based on 3Rs – rewear (for any stuff that’s still in good shape), reuse (clothes that are unwearable will be transformed into things like cleaning cloths, insulation, etc) and recycle – Tencel, wool and polyester threads from unwanted garments will be transformed into new clothing. Dump off your old stuff and you’ll not only get a nod of thanks from Mother Earth, but also a voucher to use in any Cheap Mondays store.

And the best part of this? Though the range is cleaner and greener, shopping here won’t break the bank – compared to other premium, sustainable denim brands, Cheap Monday is still one of the most affordable around.

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