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Mr Men Go to Oxfam: A Vintage Shoot by Tim Walker

By Arwa Lodhi

So, you have an event that requires something that’s definitely not in your wardrobe. Maybe it’s a Hallowe’en party, and you’re thinking of dressing up as Katy Perry. Or maybe The Bride of Frankenstein. Or maybe it’s a black tie event, and you need a seriously slinky cocktail dress that you know you’ll most likely never wear again. Where you gonna shop? Oxfam vintage!

Shopping vintage means you can not only save loads of cash buying outfits that are destined to be anything but wardrobe staples, but you can also re-donate the items after use for someone else to wear. It basically means your wardrobe expansion possibilities are endless – and that your carbon footprint is way, way lower than it would be if you bought new.


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No wonder some of the world’s best stylists, models and fashionistas are in love with vintage shopping. This vintage shoot by Tim Walker, who is famous  for his iconic fashion shoots as seen in magazines like Vogue, has brought a very chic team together for a special shoot for Oxfam partywear featuring iconic British children’s author Roger Hargreaves’ Mr Men characters.

“It was an idea that came to me because I grew up with them – Mr. Men and Little Miss. They illustrated to me, at a young age, the variety of human behaviours and characters in a vivid way – there are all kinds of colours and characters of Mr Men and Little Miss and there’s all kinds of clothes for all sorts of people that you can buy in an Oxfam shop. And they make people smile; the cause may be serious but you can still smile,” says Walker.

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Explaining why he decided on the theme for the Oxfam shoot, Tim Walker said:  “I wanted to do something to help promote Oxfam – and Roger Hargreaves’s humorous and entertaining children’s illustrations are a powerful means of spotlighting what can be great about Oxfam shops. I hope that this inspires some great looks to be found at Oxfam for the end of year partying and holiday.”

The models Tim chose for the shoot are Vogue covergirl Adwoa Aboah, new fashion favourite Jean Campbell, who won Model of the Year for the second time running at the Scottish Fashion Awards, and Australian-born Lily Nova, who walked for Gucci this season.

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Adwoa Aboah has been nominated as International Model of the Year at this year’s British Fashion Awards to be held on 4 December, and another model, Charles Jeffrey (who is also a young Scottish designer) has been shortlisted for the Emerging Talent award and has already scooped Young Designer of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards.

In anticipation of the party season, five hundred of Oxfam’s high street shops have been  stocked with unique, stylish and affordable clothes to inspire your style. And, if you can’t find your individual party-look in your local store, the Oxfam Online Shop is a treasure trove with over 45,000 items of clothing and accessories, with new pieces added every day.


Fee Gilfeather, Oxfam’s head of retail marketing, says:  “Buying party clothes from Oxfam is a great way to help fight poverty around the world. There’s something for everyone. Enjoy buying something unique and affordable, wear it this party season, and if you don’t want to wear it again, just donate it back”.

The nicest part of shopping at Oxfam is helping others: the charity is currently raising money for victims of humanitarian crises in Yemen, West Africa and Syria, and those affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. Last financial year, Oxfam’s shops contributed over £20 million to Oxfam’s work to end poverty. For once, you can shop often for fashion, and feel good about doing it, too!

Vintage Shoot by Tim Walker


Joe Alwyn
Harry Alexander
Charles Jeffrey
Polly Stenham
Adwoa Aboah
Jean Campbell
Lily Nova

Photographer: Tim Walker for Oxfam
Stylist: Alice Goddard
Make-up: Sam Bryant
Hair: Shon
Set Design: Gary Card
Casting: Rosie Vogel
Production: Jeff Delich
Printed by: Graeme Bulcraig at Touch Digital
Special thanks to: RiDa Studios, Direct Photographic, and Karmer Set Building

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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