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Meet The PETA Vegan Fashion Awards Winners 2019

The PETA Vegan Fashion Awards Winners are pretty inspiring this year! See who won what below.

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Increasingly large numbers of people around the world are waking up to the fact that it’s not necessary – or ethical – to kill animals for fashion, and to celebrate, vegan animal charity PETA recently held its third annual Vegan Fashion Awards.

The winners of the awards this year come from some of fashion’s most prominent names, including Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus and Chanel.

“It’s never been more on-trend to dress with compassion,” said PETA Director Elisa Allen. “As today’s designers and consumers are embracing ethical, eco-friendly materials, the future of fashion clearly lies in conscious vegan clothing.”

PETA, whose motto and creed is that “animals are not ours to wear,” points out how turning animal skin into clothes requires the use of massive amounts of energy and dangerous chemicals, which is damaging to the environment. The “Pulse of the Fashion Industry” report revealed that leather – followed by silk – is the most polluting material in fashion, with double the impact of fibres such as acrylic and polyester.

Fortunately, consumer demand for ethical fashion keeps rising, triggering designers and brands to create and offer garments for which animals weren’t beaten, slaughtered, or skinned – as well as items made with materials that are less harmful to the environment.

The PETA Fashion Awards celebrates the labels, style icons, and forward-thinking designers that have made big statements for animals.

Meet The PETA Vegan Fashion Awards Winners 2019

Best Luxury Fashion Moment

Some of the biggest brands and retailers are finally taking a stand against the violent slaughter of crocodiles, alligators, lizards, and other exotic animals. Amongst these makers of change are Chanel, Selfridges, and Victoria Beckham, who made this year’s Best Luxury Fashion Moment by banning exotic skins from their collections, vowing to never to use them again.

Image above and below: Victoria Beckham

Progress Award

The proof that mainstream fashion is going vegan is attested by the way H&M featured  a vegan evolution in its latest Conscious Collection. The vegan fabrics in this awesome offering included pineapple-leather and orange-peel silk, garnering the brand recognition via PETA’s Progress Award.

Image: H&M

Best International Fashion Moment

After talks with PETA, Amsterdam Fashion Week totally banned fur, resulting in the Best International Fashion Moment, setting a fantastic example for other catwalk events. The Holland based event demonstrates that creativity without cruelty is the way forward.

Image: Amsterdam Fashion Week

Best High-Street Fashion Moment

After mohair and angora, cashmere is the next cruelly obtained material that is bound to be banished, because of the horrific tortures that goats must undergo. This year the PETA Awards have recognised how Oasis and Warehouse are among the brands committing to a ban on cruel and unsustainable cashmere, prompting the Best High-Street Fashion Moment.

Image: Warehouse

Collaboration Award

ECOPEL and Stella McCartney were honoured with a Collaboration Award for KOBA, a recyclable, bio-based faux-fur fabric, made from DuPont’s Sorona fibre, combining plant-based materials and recycled polyester. The production of this recyclable material requires 30% less energy and causes 63% fewer greenhouse-gas emissions than traditional faux fur does – and of course, it’s cruelty free, too!

Image: Stella McCartney

Vegan Style Icon Award

Miley Cyrus has always been a strong animal advocate, proclaiming, “there doesn’t have to be torture in fabulous fashion,” and is proud to wear vegan-friendly designers on red carpets. No wonder she won the Vegan Style Icon Award!

Image: via PETA

Best Vegan Outerwear

Hunter is famous worldwide for its iconic wellington boots, but this British brand has expanded into an outwear line for rainy days, too. And this year, it launched a vegan edit to highlight its animal-free offerings, including jackets and boots, which is why it was awarded Best Vegan Outerwear.

Image via Hunter

Innovation Award

VIN + OMI won an Innovation Award for its revolutionary material made from nettles grown in the gardens at Prince Charles’ Highgrove estate. The weeds were transformed into wonderful garments that ultimately arrived on the London Fashion Week runways.

Image: VIN + OMI

Best Down-Free Design

Italian outerwear label Napapijri nabbed Best Down-Free Brand for its recyclable Infinity Skidoo jacket. The brand has shown a long, deep commitment to sustainability and durable vegan designs.

Image: Napapijri

Best Vegan Bags

Ashoka took home the Best Vegan Bags prize for its apple-leather accessories, which redefine French chic in vegan terms. These sophisticated handbags feature clean lines, neutral hues and elegant hardware. They’re designed to last for decades, and to match any outfit in your wardrobe.

Image via Ashoka

Designer to Watch

Leticia Credidio is specialised in sustainable, vegan-friendly sleepwear and loungewear. She harnesses the properties of seaweed, organic cotton and other biodegradable fabrics in her work. No wonder she bagged herself the Designer to Watch Award!

Image via Leticia Credidio

Most Wanted Award

Budapest-based label Nanushka received the Most Wanted Award for its Hide down-free and leather-free puffer, a street-style favourite in 2019, which worn by many stylish attendees at this season’s New York Fashion Week. In fact, this puffer jacket is so fab, we featured it ourselves in our Best Vegan Coats for the Season roundup!

Villain of the Year 

Even though brands all over the world are committing to fur bans and experimenting with down-free fillers, there are still some labels that insist on ignoring animal rights. The one who has done the worst this year, gaining the Villain of the Year Award for their actions, is Canada Goose.

Not only does this cruel company use feathers and down that are brutally plucked from birds, often while they are still alive, but they also use wild coyote fur for their collars. Dog (and all animal!) lovers should be ashamed for wearing this brand when so many more ethical options are available.

Image via PETA

Best Wool-Free Collection

Hemp Tailor won the Best Wool-Free Collection award for their vegan knitwear, offering a new range of wool-free pieces that incorporate recycled hemp and organic cotton into warm, cozy designs.

Image via Hemp Tailor

Best Vegan Shoe Brand

This year Topshop launched its vegan collection, ranging from sandals to footwear for every season, also including exotic-skin prints that didn’t involve the killing of any animals. This is way PETA decide to reward the British multinational fashion retailer with the Best Vegan Shoes Award.

HOWEVER…..We’re not sure we agree with this choice, however: Topshop owner Philip Green is one of the least ethical people on the planet- he steals from his employee’s pension plans, promotes fast fashion, and worse!

Image via Topshop

Essential Reading Award

Sascha Camilli was awarded the Essential Reading Award for her book Vegan Style, which is a useful handbook for eco-fashionistas. In fact, you could say it’s a sort of animal-friendly fashion bible!

Image via PETA

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