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Make New and Trend: TRAID

By Chere Di Boscio

‘Make do and mend’ was an old (and very eco-friendly!) adage used in wartime Britain. People would accept that they had to make the best of what they already owned, and if it fell apart, they’d just have to fix it.

Hooded Duffel_301

Maria Chenoweth-Casey, CEO of TRAID and founder of clothing brand Traidremade, has gone further: she takes reclaimed textiles donated by luxury brands, and mixes these up with damaged vintage clothing to create customised looks with a very British style. In short, she makes clothes new, and sets trends with young British fashionistas.

Quilted Jacket_671

β€œTraidremade launched in 2002 to show that creativity and design could produce fashion made in the UK using only unwanted textiles and clothes,” says Maria. “Eleven years later, the same ethics behind the label are still in practice and our customers regard Traidremade as an ethical alternative to the high street both in terms of being sustainable and having a transparent supply chain which uses no sweat shop or child labour”.

Red Jeans_815

The result of this endeavour is a cheeky range of jumpers, featuring that icon of British fauna, the badger; colourful jeans, perfect for cheering up the grey British landscape, and quirky, cosy coats, all of which are eco, ethical and just a little bit eccentric.

Biker Jacket_ Β£110

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