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Exotic Dressing: 5 Top Eco Fashion Labels from Far and Wide

By Diane Small

It’s holiday time, so many Eluxe readers will be looking at this article from their tablets, whilst enjoying a cocktail on the beach, before heading out to sample some local cuisine and shop in exotic outdoor markets.

But for those of you stuck on a ‘staycation’, don’t fear–we’ve selected 5 brands from far-flung corners of the world to help give you a sense of what people are making and wearing in the countries you see on the pages of Travel magazines. Whilst most fashion is made abroad these days, the difference here is that these brands are designed, manufactured and sold in their countries of origin (and abroad) with the goal of creating ethical fashion that’s kind to societies and the planet, too.

Here is our pick of the top 5 Eco Fashion Labels from diverse countries around the world.

1.India & Singapore:  MATTER

MATTER is a socially motivated lifestyle brand connecting Indian artisans and designers to create travel wear with stories to tell. Founded in Singapore, their mission is to inspire consumers to value provenance – to ask the where and why something is made. Their first edition, Freedom, is a series of fun, functional pants, each with its own hand printed or woven story. We particularly love the architectural, playful Kangura print, shown here on The Reworked Harem.    


2. Cambodia:  Saught

Each Saught product is a statement for hope, freedom and peace. A social business that champions freedom from poverty for their artisans, they create products from landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXOs) to support sustainability in post-conflict countries. Their current collections feature symbols of peace, including doves, olive branches and leaves which represent freedom from fear, poverty and war, and are created in collaboration with designers from Singapore and artisans in Cambodia.

Saught2 saught-landmine-jewelry-5-537x402 saught-landmine-jewelry-4 dovecropped

3. Singapore:  Cosset

This environmentally conscious brand believes that clothes can do more than just look good. Cosset retails womens’ basics made from soft, sustainable bamboo fabric that emphasises comfort and wearability. Designed for maximum styling potential, Cosset items are extremely versatile: the luxuriously soft pieces can be worn back to front, layered over each other, or tied in several ways.



4. Guatemala:  IX  Water for children

Pronounced “eye-ex”, IX is the Mayan word for water. This brand works with artisan communities in Guatemala to weave beautiful traditional Mayan sandals, empowering their artisans through commerce while a paying a premium on each pair. Their ultimate mission is to provide clean drinking water to children and communities, so with every pair you buy, you not only help revive Mayan weaving traditions, but also quench a kid’s thirst.



5. India:  Sneha Arora

Sneha Arora plays with the notion of what constitutes ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ clothing by bringing a ladylike twist to traditionally manly silhouettes. Staying true to her obsession with androgyny, her eponymous label addresses its clothes to young, inspiring, independent women. Hand-made in India from natural cotton and dyes, the blending of classic bodies with avant- garde detailing, structure with flowy drapes, and modernity with a vintage twist all adds up to the creation of ‘love forever’ pieces.

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