The ‘L’ Is For Live, Love, Laugh: Sustainable Fashion by L SAHA

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

They say practice makes perfect, and after several years in the sustainable fashion arena, it seems that L SAHA has seriously arrived to that point.

The English label for women has distinguished itself for using quality, ethically sourced fabrics with skilled craftsmanship. Her attention to detail is intrinsic to the origins her label, and that’s no surprise, since the founder of the brand, Laboni Saha, was born in India where artisanal artistry is amongst the most renowned in the world.

What inspires Laboni each collection is essentially the human condition. She explores the meaning of life and moral concerns as a tactile poetess who conveys her reflections on fabric. In fact, her poetry can literally be found emblazoned on some of her sustainably created textiles, in the form of hand-written verses which appear on her unique creations.

The new Spring Summer 18 Collection from L SAHA (which will launch in January) epitomises the concepts of ‘love’ and ‘life,’ through the designer’s own stream of consciousness. Laboni focuses on love for oneself, which is fundamental before engaging in any form of successful romantic love. Opulent crepes and silks create sophisticated modern looks. Handmade macrame, embroidery and beading appear on an alluring canvas of monochrome and metallic hues. These intrepid tinges mingle with unique textures, to give a new identity to what   the label defines as ‘modern-classicism’ and luxe ‘day-to-evening wear.’

During the making of the new collection, the slogan ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ was highlighted in the mood board in the form of a motley of visuals. This triptych of optimism evolved to pondering upon a way to put in practice these three elements, keeping in mind that each one of us is instrumental in the making of a graceful all-embracing ecosystem. This concept lead to beautiful works of art and texts in the garments’ design.

As she often does, Laboni played with words, evoking Christopher McCandless‘s adventures in nature (which eventually became a best selling novel and a film: ‘Into the Wild), and intertwined the reflection of how all creatures on Earth are somehow related. “We may or may not be connected, but a ripple of love and generosity created by one individual, results in more love, gratitude and happiness among others. We are all connected and contributors to each others happiness on this planet. In this collection I have tried to say that through clothing,” she said.

For more information on the label, please click here.

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