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The Good News x H&M Collection Is Truly Bananas!

We love how the Good News x H&M Collection features a really unique material – that’s totally eco-friendly!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Yep, we know. there’s a lot to criticise about H&M. Their fast-fashion business model, for one. But on occasion, they do incredible things that influence the rest of the fashion industry. For example, they’ve started accepting your old clothes in some of their shops, to recycle into new – thus closing the fashion loop. And more recently, they’ve collaborated with the British footwear brand Good News to create a line of unisex footwear that’s made of – get this – banana plants!

Good News was founded by Nia Jones and Ben Tattersall in London in 2016. Their goal? To create a universally loved footwear brand that would be kind to people, the planet, and animals. Their goal reached new heights with their collaboration with the Swedish retail giant H&M. This allowed them to reach a far wider audience.

Nia Jones, one of Good News’ founders, expressed her enthusiasm about the project: “We are very proud to be collaborating with H&M, pushing one of the giants to look at every component of a shoe. It was important for us to make the collection as sustainable as possible while still looking fun and cool.

The shoes in this collection are made from innovative Bananatex– a fibre derived from banana plants. But that’s not all: there’s also the vegan grape leather known as Vegea used for the uppers, whilst the soles are crafted from recycled rubber.

Meet Bananatex – The Latest Vegan Leather

Good News x H&M Collection

Bananatex is the world’s first durable and waterproof fabric made entirely from banana plants. It was cultivated in the Philippines in natural plantations that follow fully sustainable practices. Vegea, on the other hand, comes from Milan. It was created as a plant-based alternatives to synthetic, oil-derived vegan leathers. This material has been used not only for fashion, but also for furniture, packaging, and in cars.

Both materials are sturdy, smooth and strong, offering new, more eco-friendly alternatives for vegan fashion. They’re both excellent alternatives to more plasticky materials. Given the large number of shoppers who frequent H&M, there could soon be much higher demand for these textiles to be used more frequently. They could even replace plastic-based fabrics altogether!

It’s a really positive notion, and David Söderlund, a designer at H&M, agrees. He says: “Working with Good News gave us such good energy and positivity. Their creativity and drive fore change inspired our team. We joined forced to become better together. The collection is a bright and colourful contrast to a grey and uncertain world, I love the colours and the innovative materials.

Ben Tattersail, co-founder of Good News, hopes that their partnership with H&M will inspire other large fashion retailers to become greener and cruelty-free, too. He said: “Hopefully we can inspire action and change for other brands. We all need to work alongside each other to help create a positive change. The world needs unity right now rather than competing against each other,” says Ben Tattersail, co-founder of Good News.

A Dozen Styles We Love

Good News x H&M CollectionThe Good News x H&M Collection

The Good News x H&M Collection offers eight styles of vegan shoes, ranging from high top sneakers and thick soled trainers to colourful slides. All the shoes feature slightly rounded toes, minimalist design and a chic whoosh of colour on the sole.

These sustainable, playful, retro-inspired trainers are the perfect accessories for streetwear, jeans, skirts and dresses.

The Good News x H&M Collection is available on hm.com, and there’s something for men, women and even children to love.

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