Support Ethical Vegan Fashion With The Berry Berry

By Lora O’Brien

What do you look for in a handbag? For me, it should be roomy, sturdy, vegan and eco-friendly. And the Berry Berry is a brand that ticks all my boxes.

This is a Slovakian ethical fashion brand set up in 2014 by (currently UK based) designer Lucia Jombikova, who has developed a range of seven unique bag styles, including one for men. Customers can choose whether they prefer two shoulder straps, or one longer cross-body strap.

Vegan AND Female Friendly

All of the Berry Berry’s vegan bags are fairly made by a team of ‘mumpreneurs’ who create totes, clutches, messenger bags and more from fabric offcuts, reclaimed clothes and even upcycled magazines and even candy wrappers, meaning every bag you purchase is helping to keep fabric out of landfill. Since the bag brand helps women by donating bags filled with female essentials to Project Purse, an NGO helping homeless and refugee women, you could say this is a truly feminist enterprise.

Lucia says: “it was very important to me to create an ethical handbag range, as I found only either good looking but expensive handbags or cheaper, non-ethically made handbags. There was a definite gap in the market which now I hope we, at The Berry Berry can close so that women don’t need to compromise style, cost or the environment and no one needs to suffer in the making of the handbag. Women can wear our handbags with pride knowing they’ve empowered other women – those I employ to sew and make the bags and those other women at Project Purse who also benefit from them purchasing one of our handbags”.

According to the Berry Berry’s website, 1.3million tons of textile waste are produced in the UK alone each year, whilst in Europe this rises to 4.3 million tons – no wonder there has been a steady rise in demand for sustainable and ethical fashion, with consumers demanding more ethics for their Euros, and The Berry Berry gives them exactly what they are asking for.

Win-Win With Kickstarter

It’s not easy running a small, ethical business, however, and this bijou brand cannot keep up with demand. To help them cope, the Berry Berry has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which will go towards funding a larger scale production of their first batch of bags. The campaign aims to raise a minimum of £10,000, and in return for a donation,  you will receive your chosen handbag in time for Christmas. This makes not only the perfect, thoughtful gift for the ethical, female-forward women in your life, but also for yourself!

To support their campaign to bring ethical and sustainable fashion to everyone, plus to get a ‘free’ bag with a pledge as low as $15, why not back their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter before 24th October?  The link to their crowdfunding page is here.

By donating even £1, you’ll be helping, people, animals AND the planet!

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