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The ‘3 Rs’ of Jose Hendo

By Diane Small

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Those are the three ‘Rs’ that have become embedded in the consciousness of every eco-aware urban dweller, and fashion label ‘José Hendo’ takes these points seriously.


Challenging fast fashion and throw away culture, the brand maximises its use of eco-friendly fabrics, creating unique one-off pieces constructed from everything from organic barkcloth and cotton to upcycled suits, denim, and even wedding dresses. Of course, José Hendo’ also promotes ethical trading, fair working conditions and raising awareness about the environmental issues affected by the fashion industry.


The owner of the label, known only as “Josephine,” says, “I graduated from the London College of Fashion (University of the Arts). In my final two years, through my research, I learnt what happens through the life-cycle of a garment: From farming to production to the customer then to landfill. Designing clothes now requires an awareness of the environmental impact of the fashion industry. That’s why I chose to combine good design with sustainability.”


“From use of materials to clever cutting and simplified production processes, we pride ourselves in quality, while aiming to stay relevant. This results in beautifully sculptured gowns that echo Japanese cutting and tailoring.”


José Hendo’ wants to make a positive contribution to society. This is clearly demonstrated via its apprenticeships, work experience and free workshops as a way of giving back to the community, and also creating awareness of sustainable fashion.



Garments are produced in London.  Josephine’s keen eye and attention to detail and her pursuit of perfection can be seen in the quality of the work produced. All garments are finished to an exacting standard, which makes us think ‘ravishing, resourceful and revolutionary’ could be added to Jose Hendo’s three Rs.


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