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Totes Adorbs: Talented Totes

By Arwa Lodhi

Founded in 2012 by Julia Gash, Talented Totes celebrates British art and culture by using the humble shopping tote as a canvas–literally.


Β A Β diverse range of artists have collaborated with the ethical and eco-friendly bag company to create designs featuring iconic British imagery, ranging from Emile Bronte to classic country animals and traditional tartans.
Talented Totes - WWF 001 - Stag-2
The bags are produced from natural Fair Trade cotton and are meant to replace plastic shopping bags. Adding to their eco-credentials, Talented Totes holds the UK licence for the WWF.Instagram - Blue Bird
Consequently, their range of bags designed by Cherith Harrison depicting rare British species donates royalties to the WWF, helping protect endangered animals world wide.
Instagram - Tartan
Β Only the cheeky Brits could make saving the planet this stylish–and this much fun.
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