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Statement Pieces: EJF Tees

By Chere Di Boscio

The Environmental Justice Foundation is dedicated to tackling the root causes of environmental destruction by empowering people in developing countries to find peaceful ways of preventing it.


The EJF provides film and advocacy training to individuals and grassroots organisations in the global south, enabling them to document, expose and create long-term solutions to environmental abuses.


Based in London, the charity works internationally with partners in Brazil, Vietnam, Mali, Sierra Leone, Uzbekistan, Mauritius and Indonesia, but of course needs funds to do so.


To raise money for their cause, they’ve used fashion–organic cotton, designer slogan T- shirts, specifically. Since 2008, they’ve been calling on a number of well known designers, such as Alice Temperley, Allegra Hicks and Betty Jackson, to design T-shirts and donate all proceeds to the EJF.


Given that bee numbers have been in global decline, the latest contributor to the EJF is Rapanui, who have designed Tees that draw attention to the issue of global bee decline.

56b81e11-4e3a-5ea7Stylish EJF shirts, worn by iconic British models and made in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, don’t just make an eco-statement: they make a donation to a good cause, too.

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