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Brace Yourselves: Reformation Jeans Just Dropped

By Diane Small

“My biggest dream is to bring sustainable fashion to everyone. This year, we decided to tackle the worst
polluting type of clothing that we all buy all the time – denim. We also wanted to create more affordable prices to reach more people. So we mashed it together and voilà¡ – Reformation Jeans”.

So explains Yael Aflalo, one of the founders of favourite sustainable brand Reformation, about the new denim range that’s about to drive eco-fashionistas mad with lust. Along with their perfectly designed swimsuits, tops and dresses, the brand is now offering  46 pieces to choose from in their new denim collection.

Of course, each item is held up to high sustainability criteria: the jeans are all made from either 100% recycled materials, deadstock fabrics or sustainably sourced fabrics. What’s more, you’ll save 1,460 gallons of water when you buy a pair of their jeans compared to other labels’, and no toxic dyes are used.

“Four hundred and fifty million pairs of jeans are sold in the United States each year. To make denim fabric for a single pair, a crazy amount of water is needed – 1,500 gallons on average,” says Yael. And that doesn’t even include the water waste from dyeing and pre-washing denim, which would normally use 1.3 million tons of chemicals, all of which is dumped as polluted water back into the environment.

Reformation jeans sound amazingly green, but guess what? There’s more. They’re also launching The Wet Program – for every pair of jeans you buy, the brand will clean an additional thousand gallons of water. Their first project will be to clean up the  San Gabriel river with the help of the BEF and the National Forest Foundation. Great news for the planet, and even better news for the citizens of Los Angeles, who get around 30% of their drinking water from that river.

Check out the new collection here.

Diane Small

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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