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Peace, Love and Accessories: Peace Silk

By Chere Di Boscio

Ah, spring! Despite the cold temperatures in Europe this year, the flowers have not failed to spread their petals, buds have faithfully burst open, and the skies are bluer, longer, inspiring lovers, poets, and yes–designers too.

Vegan label Lucky Nelly is based in Berlin, and designs accessories from truly eco-friendly vegan leather (based on ‘tree leather’ and ‘cool stone’, rather than plastic by-products) and peace silk.

In case you didn’t know, conventional silk is made by boiling intact silkworm cocoons and thereby killing the worms, after which the single silk strand is unwound onto reels. Peace silk, however, Β allows the silkworms to emerge from their cocoons to live out their full life cycle. The silk is degummed and spun like other fiber, instead of being reeled. The resulting yarn is soft and very light, and of course, cruelty-free.

Lucky Nelly designer, Christine Rochlitz, is a strict vegan with a talent for silkscreening. We adore the bright colours and natural motifs she uses on her silks, which are either fashioned into scarves, cushions, or minimally tailored dresses.

Here’s our pick of the prettiest pieces. Peace! Β 


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