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Heading the Eco-Trend: O’Lover Hats

By Diane Small

John Wayne tipping his Stetson; Greta Garbo in her veiled number, shielding one eye; Indiana Jones fighting baddies in a trilby: none of these iconic characters would be the same without one key item–a hat.


No one knows this more than Elwyn Crawford, founder of O’Lover Hats. The California based artisan calls hats ‘Agents of Transformation,’ and clearly understands how a simple accessory can define a national costume, job role, or even completely change a personality. All that, and plus, she says, they’re fun to wear!


With atypical styles that are inspired by different fashion eras, Β Crawford believes her hats areΒ a kind of wearable 3D art, but insists that each must be provocative, and compliment the life and personality of the client.


Made in the ‘style incubator’ of the 25th Street Collective, famous in California for its groups of fashion designers practicing local, ethical manufacturing, and innovative resourcefulness, all O’Lover hats are made from sustainable materials and trims.


What makes brands in the 25th Street Collective (or 25C as it is commonly known) stand out from other such programs is that theirs is worker-owned and all of their production is done onsite; what makes O’Lover stand out is not only their dedication to sustainability, but their boldness of design.


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