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Myrrhia Resneck: Eco Knitwear

By Emma Tynan

Forget about the classroom or Central St Martins–who better to teach a designer how to create knitwear than her granny?

Ribbed Pulli

Myrrhia Resneck’s nanna was key in developing the eco-designer’s ability to create beautiful fine knits. In fact, she sees the brand is a continuation of her family’s creative traditions. “I’ve just always been into making things-all kinds of lanyards and peyote-stitch earrings. My grandpa taught me to whittle and my grandma taught me to knit at a young age. My maternal grandfather also ran a women’s clothing store”, said Myrrhia. Now, a few decades later, she designs a women’s knitwear line that she says is inspired by technology, space–and family.

Myrrhia Resneck's organic knitwear dress

Myrrhia Resneck’s organic knitwear dress

Perhaps because she lives in groovy, eco-friendly California, Myrrhia’s company places a large emphasis on utilising sustainable materials in a local supply chain. All the yarns used are organic, locally sourced and milled within 90 miles of her studio. The designer uses fibres such as un-dyed organic cotton, as well as Lenzing Tencel, which is harvested sustainably from Eucalyptus trees.

Myrrhia Resneck's Organic Knitwear

Myrrhia Resneck’s Organic Knitwear

Resneck perceives style as a form of wearable self-expression; “With fashion, I love that I can make something useful and special that someone else can literally “get into.” Fashion is probably the most intimate art form”. Her recent line features abstract, artistic patterns slightly reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s splatter paintings, splashed across dresses, fingerless gloves, scarves and sweaters.

Organic Vest 2

Myrrhia Fine Knitwear is not just about creating clothes or the allowing the designer to make an ecological point with her designs; Resneck believes that “it’s about self-actualisation for all of us.” She also added, “I hope to be part of the antidote to a culture that treats its people-and the environment that sustains them-as disposable.”

A fine lesson for us all, indeed.

Organic Pulli in

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Images: Photography: Sandifer Photography, MUA: Rita Lonberger, Hair: Plum Organic, Art Direction: Andrea Krystine

Boatneck Tunic and Mitts

Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.



  • Reply
    Aug 27, 2019 at 2:36 am

    I would like to purchase the pattern to knit the oatmeal colored turtleneck. Do you sell this?
    Thank you,


    • Reply
      Aug 27, 2019 at 4:31 am

      Hi Kathy! As a designer, Myrrhia doesn’t sell patterns for her work, only the end product. Hope that helps! Thanks!

  • Reply
    Freda J Holding
    Aug 1, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    Have managed to download the pattern for Ilaisa’s Wristies, but cannot find the abbreviations that have been used. Would like to know if there is anyway I can get these.

    The gloves are fantastic, and I would like to knit several pairs as Christmas presents for family and friends.

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