The Po Zu Star Wars Collection: Out Of This World!

The Po Zu Star Wars Collection is the perfect vegan footwear for film fans!

By Arwa Lodhi

Ah, Star Wars! Who hasn’t seen at least one movie in the franchise and admired the sets, the acting, the special effects…the shoes?

Seriously. The costumes in that film are just as iconic as as the characters who wear them. Think of Princess Leia‘s flowing white gown; the Stormtrooper’s stark white armour, or Darth Vader‘s foreboding cape, for example. But for one ethical shoe brand, Po-Zu, it was the footwear in that film that really stood out, so they set about creating a unique vegan shoe range inspired by it.

The Po-Zu Star Wars collection includes styles for women, men and kids made from sustainable, vegan friendly materials. And of course, all are based on the main characters in the Star Wars films. Here, you’ll find faux fur Chewie boots; Piñatex Stormtrooper boots; organic cotton canvas sneakers inspired by R2D2 and more.

This cool collaboration isn’t Po-Zu’s only recent good news – the brand has also recently appointed People Tree founder Safia Minney as Managing Director. Safia is highly enthusiastic about her now position and the new collection: “This is a great opportunity to mainstream sustainable footwear and ethical business practices, and make Po-Zu the go-to ethical footwear brand, ”she said.

She was particularly keen to join the Po-Zu team because she said she was struggling over the last few decades to find footwear that’s both ethical and sustainable – until now. “This is a brand that really carries the same purist values, passion for sustainable materials, production techniques and respect for the workers that make the products in the same way that I set up People Tree with. And for me it’s always been about how can I do top to toe ethical fashion.”

So, just how ethical and ecological is Po-Zu, in terms of materials? Well, first, there’s a coconut fibre and latex foot mattress, and then several other materials are used, including cork, organic cotton and Piñatex – a new fibre made from discarded pineapple leaves – for the uppers. The brand avoids the use of glue (which is often made from slaughterhouse by-products) so they stitch the shoes together instead.

Sven Segal, founder and CEO of Po-Zu said he was delighted to have Safia on board, and that together, they are planning to completely phase out any leather his shoe label is still using.

As for the Star Wars collection, he stated that he’s hoping it will not only be regarded as comfortable and ethical, but collectible as well: “We wanted the shoes to resonate with the Star Wars community whilst also being commercially designed by incorporating some strong trend-led cues,” he said.

We love not only the nostalgia behind this collection, but also its comfort and versatility – these look great with jeans, trousers, and dresses, too. The fashion Force is strong!

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