Eco to the Max: Max Mara’s NewLife

By Arwa Lodhi

It’s a brand best known for its long, camel-hued coats as well as its timeless style and use of sumptuous wool, but Max Mara just added another credential to this list: eco-friendliness.


Already a fairly sustainable brand due to its heavy reliance on pure wool, Max Mara has now begun to incorporate Newlife into its fashions. This is a high-tech yarn made of post consumer recycled plastic bottles, and  Weekend Max Mara and Saluzzo Yarns have collaborated on the creation of a SS14 collection using the innovative material.


The Italian label is fully aware of the pitfalls of being perceived as ‘green’ but is confident they can turn that around. Stefano Cochis, a spokesman for the brand says “Unfortunately there’s still a perception being marketed that doing anything sustainable you have to compromise on quality and we are here to prove otherwise.”


In addition to using a recycled textile  to their collections, Max Mara has gone even greener with the installation of  11,000 solar panels for the production of electricity at their facilities in Italy. Add to that, their current environmental savings in water and energy in the manufacturing of Newlife, and you have a very eco-conscious brand indeed.


Cochis acknowledges that water consumption is becoming a major issue worldwide, and thus believes that synthetics have an advantage to water-intensive fibres like cotton.    “With Newlife, we have found textiles which are perfect for the realisation of contemporary and qualitative clothes that respect the environment at the same time,” the company says.


And don’t think Max Mara ‘s use of Newlife is limited to this luxury brand: Eileen Fisher and Burberry both have collections in the works. Watch this space!

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