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Mad About Macedonian Style

By Arwa Lodhi

Macedonia’s rich cultural heritage spans centuries, and covers art, architecture, poetry, and music. Boasting breath-taking Byzantine church fresco paintings, mosaic craftwork and a poetry-inspiring, mountainous landscape, the former Yugolsav nation can now count eco-fashion as forming an important part of its cultural fabric, with many thanks to Bastet Noir.


Traditional Macedonian clothing

Bastet Noir is the most sustainable shopping site in Eastern Europe. Launched by Daniela Milosheska in 2012, the online site is dedicated to nurturing and featuring top eco-friendly designers from the Balkans, including Ivana Knez’s DRAMA line  , Cloud 9,  and Branka Dancevska’s  jewellery designs.


Ivana Knez Drama

“Our ultimate goal is to give a helping hand to young and promising fashion talents coming from the Balkan region to showcase and sell their designs,” says Daniela. “One of the essential segments we are striving for is to develop a sustainable business by offering hip and trendy clothes made from fair traded, natural and recycled materials.”


The Frost collection, Bastet Noir

Using the pooled talents from its arsenal of regional designers, Bastet Noir has recently created a capsule collection that aims to reflect its Macedonian heritage whilst showcasing modern silhouettes and aesthetics.


The capsule collection from Bastet Noir

Characterised by colourful designs and intricate embroidery, Macedonian style has traditionally been intricate and complex, but this capsule collection has pared down the elaborate constructions to include dainty heritage details instead.


Made of linen, hand woven wool and raw silk, fashion from the region has always been eco-friendly, but this particular capsule collection is even more so, as it’s comprised of reclaimed and leftover materials.10255731_849875505026710_92130225_n

Daniela says this collection was particularly inspired by the Ovce Pole region of her country, but for anyone not familiar with the Balkan region, a look through this collection offers a wonderful glimpse into one of Europe’s most up-and-coming regions for sustainable design.


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Main image: photo by Irina Tosheva


Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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