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Love & Ambition: What Would Bob Marley Wear?

By Arwa Lodhi

Denim brand Love & Ambition always ask themselves this question before creating a new design: What would Bob Marley wear?

The denim shirting company is hugely inspired by this globally loved musician and his signature style sense. Sustainably crafted, the denim shirts represent Marley’s dream of a united human race, building a better world through the acts of unconditional love and compassion.


Launched in 2013 by entrepreneurs, Jeremy Brown & Andrew Averso, Love & Ambition ‘s products are crafted in Los Angeles from eco-conscious materials including organic fabrics, natural dyes, bamboo threads, and recycled wood and coconut shell buttons.


All shirts include the quote “Love unconditionally. Remain ambitious,” on the inside label, serving as a reminder to all who wear them.

Brown, 31, believes that the company’s dedication to both style and consciousness is a worthwhile mission. “Love & Ambition is meant to inspire,” he says. “And a portion of proceeds from product sales support reputable charities around the world.”


For example, for their WINTER 13/14 collection, Love & Ambition has chosen to donate 10% of all proceeds to the One Love Generation, empowering teens to inspire positive change through art, service and awareness. We’re sure Bob Marley would approve!


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