Trunks to Save Trunks: Love Brand & Co

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By Diane Small

Elephants, sustainability and making men look good. What’s not to love? Those are the key themes behind  Love Brand & Co, the brand created by London-based designer and entrepreneur Oliver Tomalin.


Aiming to create clothes that do good as well as look good, Love Brand & Co’s    luxury beachwear is fully dedicated to saving elephants by designating 5% of all sales to three charities fighting to save the elephants from extinction in the wild. “I have taken an endangered animal I love and put it together with beachwear I am passionate about producing”, Oliver explains.  


Tomalin works with  Elephant Family, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Tusk Trust, raising funds collectively for vital elephant conservation projects. Like other celebrity supporters, including Prince William and Kristin Davis, it’s something he’s passionate about–and he’s in for the long haul: “We will support wild elephants for as long as it takes” he says.


Now available in luxury stores and resorts in over 60 countries, Tomalin has made this an international affair, and has also expanded the range beyond men’s beachwear to include women’s wear and even children’s swimsuits.


One way the eco-conscious brand hopes it can help conserve elephant populations is simply by raising key awareness about the plight of the pachyderm. Oliver hopes that his beachwear will act as a constant reminder to keep the protection of elephants in focus, and that his customers will consciously and sub-consciously relate swimwear with this particular cause.


Trunks to save trunks? It’s a no brainer for us.


To see some of the male models above in action, click here.

For more information, please click here.

Diane Small
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