Lisa Lesa: Graffiti Girl

By Diane Small

While most graffiti is quickly covered over by either competing street artists or annoyed landlords, Lisa Lesa ensures hers is more durable.


Lesa is a Canadian based designer who has applied her artistic skills to revamp vintage accessories.  Focused mainly on shoes, boots and bags, she uses paint, re-purposed found objects and jewellery to make one of a kind pieces for her brand, Love Lisa Lesa.


With their nod to 80’s street graffiti, their designs and colours are reminiscent of Keith Herring or Jean Michel Basquiat, but as you can see from the painting above, Lisa is quite an accomplished artist in her own right.


While Lisa has a ready to wear range of shoes and bags, she also receives many requests to customise existing accessories people have languishing in their closets, to give these a new, artistic edge, or to make them more truly reflect the personality of the wearer. As she lives in a fairly remote part of Canada (Winnipeg), Lisa is happy to receive blank ‘canvases’ by post, and will send them back for free.

Basquiat is a clear influence on Lisa

Potential clients can send drawings, materials, or simple explanations of what they would like her to create, or more adventurous souls can allow her to make her own judgement of which type of revamp that particular accessory could best benefit from.

While the materials she employs to make her range are not necessarily eco-friendly in themselves, we believe saving tired shoes and bags from being trashed is one way to help reduce pollution.  Besides, while red soles are ubiquitous these days, not the same can be said for ones decorated in a unqiue pink, red and green design!

For more information, or to have Lisa customise a pair of shoes for you, please click here.  

Diane Small
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