Shot through the Heart: LoveBullets

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By Diane Small

It all started with a wonderful fantasy.

Lovebullets’ Artistic Director, Martin Jegede once wrote a story about five superheroes who could stop bullets with positivity and beauty. Rather than making it to the silver screen as a box office hit, the concept was instead transformed into a jewellery range, made with decommissioned or spent ammunition.

Lovebullets adjustable rings

The bullet-based necklaces, rings and bracelets were first seen on British musicians such as Cheryl Cole, Dizzee Rascal and Sarah Harding behind the scenes at Glastonbury 2008, where an old tank converted into a DJ booth set the scene for the Lovebullets vibe.



Today, the label works in conjunction with the charity War Child to transform symbols of destruction and violence into symbols of beauty, peace and  love. A  proportion of all proceeds are donated to the cause, which helps children whose countries have been torn apart by war obtain food, water, education and safety.

Lovebullets-Crystal-Power-700x591 The Lovebullets collection combines spent bullets  and shotgun cartridges with semi precious jewels and crystal detailing to create costume jewellery that makes a strong statement.


All pieces are produced in the UK in the Lovebullets  studios, adding to their ethical and ecological credentials.

JAGSI_by_Lovebullets_Refashioned_Jewelry1Martin Jegede may have had a great idea for a story, but the Central St Martins graduate should have known that with his training and talent he could still tell a good tale, though it may be through pendants, not paper.

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Diane Small
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