Meet the Magpies: 3 Jewellery Brands that Upcycle

By Samantha Wright

In today’s culture of disposable fast fashion, it’s more inspiring than ever to see thoughtful and sustainable ways to create jewellery. Whether it’s crafting eco-friendly jewellery out of sustainably sourced raw materials or transforming old items into something fresh and exciting, the process of repurposing can be both fulfilling and yield beautiful results.

This is true for all kinds of jewellery designs, from fine, high-end investment jewellery that incorporates precious gems and metals into the mix, to mid-range adornments that are great for everyday wear, and right down to novelty pieces that are bought for fun.

Here, we’ve found three different jewellery brands that upcycle which span three different budgets – and different styles.

Ludmilla Navarro

Spanish artist Ludmilla Navarro has the eye of a collector. She boasts a beautifully crafted collection of brooches, necklaces, bracelets, and rings made of a collection of everything from fabulous trash to precious treasure: small, discarded toys and trinkets work together with brilliant jewels and vintage acrylics to create what some have called  ‘wearable sculptures’. Indeed, her statement rings, for example, would look just as dramatic displayed on a mantle as they do worn on a finger.



Anna Orska’s Irreverance

Vintage markets, found pieces, vintage watch  suppliers such as Chrono24 and sometimes clients provide watch straps, chains, buckles, and even watch faces that can all be the basis for fantastic bracelets, or parts of a necklace or keyrings, for example. One designer who Anna Orska also makes upcycled jewellery with character. Her projects are expressive and often controversial, for their inclusion of gilded pills, for example – is the designer making a statement about the beauty of drugs? Or medicines? Or is she making a statement about our ‘addiction’ to accessories? In any case, the raw form, rough texture and unique concept behind each collection reflect the philosophy of the brand: every item has a nature of its own, and is designed to showcase peculiar, and often otherwise unwanted materials.

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Salvaged Treasures

For those who have a more romantic or nostalgic side, My Salvaged Treasures makes jewellery from old-fashioned items that have fallen out of favour due to advancing technology or shifting styles. Objects such as old keys, music box scrolls and even Victorian salt shakers are  transformed into unique adornments full of charm. The beauty of this surely lies in the charm and individual character of each piece, as well as their sustainable credentials.
Repurposed S and P

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Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.



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