New! the Gucci Bamboo Collection

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By Chere Di Boscio

Luxury brand Gucci has chosen Chinese actress and Environmental Goodwill Ambassador at the United Nations, Li Bingbing and her charity organisation L.O.V.E., to help launch a limited-edition Gucci Bamboo Collection of watches and bracelets.


In accordance with Gucci’s strict sustainability policies, their latest range is made from natural bamboo, long a signature material for the house, and Tagua nut. The use of this nut, which is a plant-based alternative to ivory, was very deliberate: Gucci aims to discourage elephant poaching by making Tagua the ‘new’ ivory.


Gucci Timepieces & Jewellery is also involved in the Green Project, a reforestation project in the Ningxia region of Northwest China. Here, the rapid deforestation of the region has lead to immense ecologic damage in the form of desertification, where land becomes arid from wind unencumbered by forest. Gucci recognised the need for action and currently supports the Green Project in its ongoing effort to restore the region with the replanting of drought-resistant Ash Leaf Clematis crops.


Bingbing is an outspoken advocate of the environment and couldn’t be more pleased that fashion is becoming ‘greener.’ “Many people believe that fashion and environmental protection don’t go together,” she said. “In reality, more and more people in the industry are integrating environmental protection into their designs with green initiatives growing in importance.” And happily, Gucci is leading the way.


To see behind the scenes shots of Bingbing’s shoot for Gucci, click through the slideshow below.  [m-vslider id=”62″]




Chere Di Boscio
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