Green with Envy: Faberge’s Ethical Emeralds

By Chere Di Boscio

Once upon a time, the Russian Imperial State jewels comprised the most important collection of jewellery in the world.

catherine_the_greatPeter the Great (1672-1725), responsible for the modernisation of Russia, began the acquisition of the magnificent jewels that would come to be associated with the Romanov lifestyle.

Later, Catherine the Great (1729-96), who became the most powerful monarch in Europe, perpetuated this splendour, so much so that her reign was known as the Diamond Age. A great patron of the arts and a discerning collector who built the Hermitage to house her collection, she was a true connoisseur of jewels and gems.


Amongst the gemstone treasures of the Russian leaders were magnificent  emeralds; perhaps the most sumptuous of these belonged to the jewel-adoring Grand Duchess Vladimirovna, sister in law to Tsar Alexander III, and aunt to Nicholas II. A larger-than-life character, her legendary jewels were smuggled out of Russia at the time of the Revolution.

Solyanka Vera Emerald Ring

Today, the House of Faberge, founded in Russia and made famous by the treasured Easter eggs they created specially for the Romanov dynasty, have paired with Gemfields, the world’s foremost coloured gemstone producer, to create a line of ethically sourced, emerald based jewellery. Actress Mila Kunis is the brand’s enthusiastic ambassador and supporter.

These exquisite emeralds, mined in Zambia, uphold global best practices while remaining in accordance with the highest levels of environmental, social and safety standards.



Karenina Emerald Egg 2


The result is exquisitely cut stones hand set by the world’s greatest craftsmen to comprise necklaces, rings and earrings that would have made even the most privileged Russian royals turn green with envy.


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