6 Eco Friendly Jewellery Brands in Bloom

By Diane Small

It’s a bold claim, but we think flowers may well have been the world’s first ever ‘jewellery’. Think about it: a blossom tucked in behind an ear, a crown of daisies, or even a bracelet made from buds strung together by their stems could well have adorned our ancient ancestors long before the concept of mining was even thought of.

Today, there can be little doubt that the natural themes of buds, blossoms, flowers and trees still provide strong inspiration for jewellery designers–and their clients– around the world.

Here, we’ve found 5 eco friendly jewellery brands that use the beauty of spring and summer flora as the basis for at least some their designs, allowing the wearer to mimic the actions of those who came long before us.

1.  Tyramin Jewellery

This American based brand is committed to social and environmental responsibility, using sustainable materials and methods whenever possible. They handcraft pieces in small batches, often in limited editions. Their design concepts have evolved from  jewelry and expanded into the living space with home decor and furnishings. We love their most recent pieces, which feature the thick, sturdy petals of succulents.

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2. Obo Jewellery  

Pure glass and recycled metals are the key materials used in this bijou Swiss brand’s designs. Always inspired by nature, Obo jewellery riffs on themes like twisted branches and dew drops on flower petals. Though the brand claims the cracked glass finish on the delicate flora of their pendants and earrings ‘resembles dragon’s skin’, we’d say it’s quite a bit prettier than that–more like the veins you can see on translucent petals in the sunshine.

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3. Brilliant Earth

A well established favourite with eco-minded jewellery lovers around the world, Brilliant Earth is famous for their sustainably mined, conflict free diamonds, which are not only used in their coveted engagement rings, but also form the centre of a sparkling diamond flower, or act as ‘dew’ on carefully crafted leaf themed earrings and necklaces.

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4. Judi Powers

Tiny delicate flowers, thin elegant branches and tender budding leaves are just a few of the flora you’ll see in this eco-friendly jewellery designer’s repertoire.

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5. Gulnur Ozdaglar

Luminescent daisies, transparent poppies and rainbow coloured wreaths are just some of the creations this Turkish architect, photographer, artist and jewellery designer creates from upcycled PET bottles. It’s incredible how old Coke, water and beer bottles  can be transformed into  luminous floral costume jewellery.

atolye 009 IMG_0037 IMG_0019

6. Farah Qureshi

The London based designer has recently come out with a line of hair jewellery, earrings and pendants made from recycled silver. In fact, Farah’s work is so sustainable, she was highly commended by the Hounslow Awards under the green category this year. Inspired by the shapes of twigs, branches and other organic forms and sometimes featuring ethically sourced emeralds, these pieces are perfect for the party season.





Diane Small

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.



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