Why We’re Loca for Coco Rocha for Senhoa

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By Sophia Hussain

You probably know she models haute couture on the catwalk and features in glossy campaigns for the likes of Longchamps. But did you know that Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha also helps girls create beauty from tragedy?

The willowy model is the brilliant designer behind Coco Rocha for Senhoa – a luxe capsule collection handcrafted by human trafficking survivors rescued from Cambodia.

coco rocha for senhoa - caroline trentini wearing sophorn

Launched in 2011, the seven-piece Coco Rocha x Senhoa collection was created using clear, black and multi-coloured crystals infused with gunmetal and silver metals to form statement jewellery tinged with punky elegance.  Each piece’s title is based on popular Cambodian names with beautiful meanings, and the talented girls who hand-made the collection are paid a fair wage.

coco rocha for senhoa - coco wearing rachnay

“Accessorizing can do more than just compliment a woman’s wardrobe and beauty– it can make a statement about what she believes in,” says Rocha, who is also an advisory board member of the Senhoa Foundation, which provides rescue and rehabilitation support to vulnerable persons, including human trafficking survivors, in South East Asia.

coco rocha for senhoa - iman wearing chantrea

Senhoa [pronounced “suh-no-a”] is a combination of two Vietnamese words: “sen” [meaning “lotus”] and “hoa” [meaning “flower”], which emerges from muddy water into an elegant bloom, thus bestowing the brand with a beautifully metaphoric name that perfectly describes what Senhoa sets out to do.

coco rocha for senhoa - coco wearing chantha

Coco modelled these artistic creations herself for the print campaign, along with some friends including the iconic Iman, and Caroline Trentini, as shot by noted photographer Nigel Barker.  Of course, the jewellery is stunning, but what purchasing it can do for victims of human trafficking is even more beautiful still.

For more information, please visit here:  http://www.senhoa.com

Sophia Hussain
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