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Introducing…Ivana Basilotta

By Diane Small

Italian born designer Ivana Basilotta is passionate about the environment, animals–and fashion. She’s managed to combine these interests into delicate, feminine clothing under an eponymous label.

Currently living in London, Basilotta shows her clothes on the runways of Europe’s greenest fashion week–that in Berlin. There, models showcase soft, flowing styles constructed from peace silk, a rare fabric in which the silkworms are not killed, but rather emerge from their cocoons unscathed. All of the clothing is dyed using eco-friendly methods and is fully biodegradable.

Basilotta’s love of animals has translated into a new vegan shoe line, too. This also features her signature love of colour and seductive, womanly style–a rarity in vegan footwear! This fact didn’t escape Amber Valetta, who asked Basilotta to showcase her vegan shoes on Master & Muse, one of the best curated eco-friendly fashion sites on the entire internet.

Indeed, there aren’t many designers out there with a girlish love of clothing and a strong inclination to protect animals and the planet. Like Amber Valetta, we firmly believe Ivana Basilotta is one to watch.

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