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By Chere Di Boscio

Online shopping is fast becoming the norm – especially in winter. I mean, who in their right mind wants to battle pre-Christmas crowds in the cold to search for gifts and necessities? Luckily, more and more online shops are catering to the ethically minded fashionista.  In the Know Fashion  is  one such shop.

Blending a discerning sense of style with savvy entrepreneurship, In the Know founders Lindsey and Samantha have created the ultimate online destination for a wardrobe to compliment any occasion. They pride themselves on carrying environmentally and socially conscious, fashion forward pieces by top designers like Kowtow (pictured above),  H Fredriksson, the Podolls and many more.

Based in casually stylish LA, In the Know seems to have a love of northern European minimalist chic and works exclusively with designers who manufacture their collections in places where artisans earn fair wages and operate under healthy, comfortable working conditions. They also carefully  research the fabrics that are used to make each of the garments they carry, ensuring most clothing is made from fabrics that are recycled, organic cotton, or alpaca wool.

Here, we interviewed the two founders about why they think it’s time for a new online shop, their personal styles, and their seasonal must-have items.
In The Know Fashion
So – why did you think it was time for another online eco shop?
A few years ago we became aware of some of the negative effects of the fashion industry on the
environment. We researched sustainable clothing stores online and concluded there was a need to
supply shoppers with higher end merchandise.
Fostering an intimate, online environment is an integral part of our business. We want our clients to have the opportunity to communicate with us directly with any questions regarding our clothing line or styling. Our advice and opinions are only an email away!
What makes yours different?
Environmentally and socially friendly clothing is usually associated with a casual bohemian
style. We like this look but we wanted to offer different choices. The merchandise sold on In the
Know is classic. We shop for clothing that will pair well with one another, allowing our clients to
have a larger more versatile wardrobe. In the Know gives clients the feeling they are in a
boutique setting while shopping. We are available by email for questions regarding our
merchandise and styling tips.
How did you decide to select brands?
We researched for a long time to find designers who have unique styles, use sustainable fabrics
with a fashion forward flare. In addition, we wanted to be sure that the clothing we purchased
was manufactured in places where the employees had a safe and favorable working environment
and paid a fair wage.
What are some of your favourite items?
Samantha: I love  the Koeing pant by Kowtow, the Pike Sweater by H Fredriksson,
and the Trench Coat by Kowtow. My  taste has always leaned towards an edgy, classic look.
Lindsey: I love a casual chic look and love to layer my clothing. My favorites from our 2016
Fall In the Know collection are the Striped Turtleneck Tee from The Podolls, The Place to Be
Cape by Kowtow, and the Twist Dress by H Fredriksson.
Who do you see as your typical customer?
Our client is someone who wants a classic, fashion forward chic look with a slight edge.
Where do you envision the site going in 5 years time or so?
By then, we hope our site will be successful both nationally and internationally. We would
love to carry Stella McCartney because she is a pioneer in sustainable fashion. We also hope to
see a shift to slow fashion production with fewer pieces being produced of higher quality.
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Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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