How to Get (Eco-Friendly) Bond Girl Style

By Lottie Newman

It’s time for another Bond film to be released, and frankly, we can’t wait! Sure, they’re way OTT kitchy, the product placement is painfully obvious, and yes, they do play up on silly, dated ‘us against them’ Cold War themes. But for some reason, we find Daniel Craig compelling to watch, and Bond’s women have really  evolved.

Ever since Ursula AndressHoney Ryder emerged from  the ocean 50 years ago in  Dr. No, the term ‘Bond Girl’ has referred to a  sexually independent woman with whom Bond has a relationship–or a fling. Sometimes she’s evil, and sometimes she’s good, but the rule pretty much used to be: the more independent a Bond girl was, the more likely it was she would end up dead by the end of the film. Not a great message!  But of all the 24  Bond movies that  have been made so far, it seems with each one, women have become stronger.

This was possibly most notable with  Michelle Yeoh’s role in 1997’s  Tomorrow Never Dies.  It was released just after  Terminator 2  and set a high bar for female action characters–you will have noted that modern Bond Girls have gotten more athletic  and less passive.

Halle Berry in 2002’s  Die Another  Day, for example, plays an NSA agent more than capable of matching Bond’s intellect and strength. Sure, she hangs around a bit in a bikini just like Andress did in the 60s, but guess what? Daniel Craig created as much of a buzz when he came out of the sea, glistening with water and wearing only the tightest of swimwear, sparking a trend for brief-cut trunks for men.

And speaking of sartorial trends, we were quite surprised to reflect back on Bond Girl style through the ages and see that each and every outfit still looks pretty modern today. So much so, it was pretty easy to find eco-friendly fashion to match each girl’s look today.

So, strong women: choose your Bond Girl Style! Whether you’re into skimpy 60s bikinis, elegant eveningwear or kick-butt biker jeans, we’ve found an eco-friendly outfit for you.

Bond Girl Style Through the Ages




Get the look: None other than Stella McCartney brings us a modern twist on the cropped trouser. Hers are a bit flared and worn with brother creepers; personally, we love Pussy’s Chelsea boots even more!



Get the look: The EcoGypsy makes these teeny weenie eco-friendly crochet bikinis…just add your own knife belt!



Get the look: Sohad Acouri is a couture designer with a conscience! His emerald green pantsuit uses silk cut with minimal waste techniques and natural pearl beads to add some bling.



Get the look: This grey hoodie by Devinto is made to order from organic fibres and can be worn with black skinnies and heels to imitate May Day‘s killer cool look.



Get the look: You can be a vamp in black or a Lady in Red with Susana Colina’s plunging evening gown. The designer uses only a mix of organic fabrics to create her elegant collections.



Get the look: These waxed cotton jeans by Balmain are just as kick-ass as Wai Lin‘s, but are 100% vegan friendly.



Get the look: This hot tangerine bikini shows off killer curves big time. Made from a unique EcoLux fabric by Vitamin A.  Bonus: Halle Berry is apparently a fan of the label!



Get the look: This Titania Inglis plunge gown is an eco-couture substitute for Vesper’s elegant maxi-dress. We’d ditch the fingerless gloves, but love the side pockets!



Get the look:  This vegan leather jacket comes from Topshop, of all places! Just as stunning as Eve’s but cruelty-free. See? Eco-fashion can show up just about anywhere…


And the next Bond girl, Monica Bellucci, shows that in the latest installation of the franchise, Spectre, Bond has actually graduated to the world of women! The 50 year-old shows that women over 35 can still be smoking hot.


Get the look: Martin Raffa uses upcycled waste fabrics to create couture with a 40’s touch, like this classic tuxedo jacket, below.


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  1. I love the note about Vitamin A – we carry them at our Eco & Ethical boutique and they have an incredible faux-leather and mesh look that is VERY Bond Girl. Check it out at 🙂

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