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Hare + Hart: Argentine Accessories

By Chere Di Boscio

As someone who has spent much of her life in Argentina, surrounded by Argentine relatives, I can tell you: those people are far from vegan. Eating meat is as deeply entrenched in the Argentine lifestyle as sipping tea is for the British, or eating cheese is for the French–it’s simply everywhere, and that’s not going to end any time soon.

Papa Pouch_atigrato

Consequently, there is an awful lot of cow hide in the country. But unlike, say, typically overcrowded, miserable, chemically altered American cattle, most Argie cows are free range, hence the praise given to the flavour and texture of Argentine meat.

Papa Pouch_atigrato2

If you are even occasionally a meat eater, then you would surely want to see cowhide put to good use, and that’s exactly what Hare + Hart do.

Mini Clutch_black-brindle

Using  cowhide resulting from strictly ethically raised Argentine cattle, the brand then naturally tans and dyes the leather and fashions it into gorgeous bags, purses, and iPad carriers.


Sold at Reve en Vert, this brand is about as ethical as leather can get. Sure, eco-vegan leathers like cork, Flesswood and Coolstone are kinder to the Earth, and most of us here at Eluxe are vegans or vegetarians ourselves. But as long as one of Argentina’s main exports is free-range beef, we’d say Hare + Hart are making the best of a meat industry byproduct by ecologically transforming it into timeless accessories.

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