H. Fredrikkson: Swedish Irregularity

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By Chere Di Boscio

New York Fashion Week may have come and gone, but the loose, dark beauty of Helena Fredrikkson’s work remains on every eco-fashionista’s ‘must have’ list.


The Brooklyn-based former artist takes inspiration from many sources.

One is her own photography and sketches of the natural world: the colours and patterns in her SS14 collection, for example, are taken from the way the light danced on a lake in Guatemala, where she was on holiday, but the melancholic beauty and austerity of her native Sweden is also evident in the forms and colours of the H. Fredrikkson brand.

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Finally, this self-taught designer’s clothing also takes some cues from dance, as Fredrikkson has many friends who are dancers, and, awestruck by their grace and fluidity, she aims to make clothing that allows for such movement.

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In fact, Fredrikkson is known for the loose, asymmetrical shapes of her clothing. As a self-taught designer, Fredrikkson claims she wasn’t constrained by the conventions that fashion students are taught to maintain, and so her pattern making followed her imagination instead.

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Another convention Fredrikkson breaks is with regards to the cloth she works with. Whilst most fashion creators attend the same textile fairs each season, and often by fabrics that are quite similar, this designer ensures that her own digital prints are used on 100% eco-friendly textiles, including wool, recycled cotton fabric, and hemp, and that her entire production process is sustainable–in fact, the pieces are sewn by a family in Bolivia.


Today, her edgy clothing is sold by the most avant-garde boutiques and online shops, including  Reve en Vert  in Europe, and is worn by celebrities ranging from California girl Cameron Diaz to African model Alek Wek and New York based pop star Ana Matronic, amongst others, and Amber Valletta chose to include the brand in her Master & Muse collection.


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Chere Di Boscio
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