New Ethical Fashion That’s Fully Gung Ho

By Arwa Lodhi

Do you believe clothes can actually impact people on a subconscious level? I mean, every time you see a tee shirt that says ‘Have a Nice Day’ or something, do you actually feel your day may actually have just gotten a bit brighter? Or when you see a dude in a death metal tee, do you feel just that little bit gloomier? A new ethical fashion label called Gung Ho is pretty sure that what we wear can impact the people around us, subtly influencing them with hidden messages. And the messages they want to communicate are about the environment.

Gung Ho uses prints to convey messages about environmental issues like saving endangered species of flora and fauna, for example. When you purchase a garment, you’ll get a copy of Talking Point, their little magazine that explains the issue hidden within the print you’ve selected, and gives you some ideas about how you can help with that particular eco-problem.

And now let’s talk about the clothes: fabulous wrap dresses and skirts in deeply hued gem tones like pink quartz, topaz and emerald; an indigo and gold tiger moth printed blouse with on fleek feature sleeves; bold, rose cloth accessories that would make Frida Kahlo proud, and a plush, comfy sweatshirt with a Louis XIV style embroidered bee for women. There’s also a few things for men, too: those sweet bee sweatshirts and floral printed bow ties.

Each piece is handmade locally in London, and is also locally printed on organic fabrics – but Gung Ho’s sustainability doesn’t stop there. The brand will donate a percentage of each sale to a charity that focuses on the eco-challenge represented in the print you bought.

Gung Ho’s first collection is undoubtedly both stylish and sustainable – and if you’d like to help them produce it via Kickstarter, please  click here   (and by the way: £35 donation will get you a pair of those earrings!)

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