Tell Luxury Fashion Houses Fur Isn’t Chic

By Arwa Lodhi

Once upon a time, humans may have needed furs to survive cold, Canadian winters, Icelandic hailstorms or Scottish snows. We had no central heating and no modern textiles to protect us from the elements. But those times have changed.

Today, there’s really no excuse to need to wear fur–even the Inuit of Canada are often seen in Patagonia jackets, and given the fact that most city dwellers spend around 90% of their time indoors (even when the sun’s out!), there seems little need indeed to kill an animal to stay warm. Furthermore, some countries, like Czech Republic, Britain and Switzerland have totally banned fur farms.

And yet, we are killing more animals for fur today than we ever have in the past: around 100 million animals die every single year for the fashion industry, and most of this fur doesn’t even go towards keeping us warm! Instead, it’s used for decorative trim, handbags and even stupid keychains and bag bobbles. Remember that fur=an animal’s life. Is a bag bobble really worth that?

Many large fashion houses such as Gucci, Fendi, Jean Paul Gauthier and Burberry claim they are being ‘sustainable’ by sourcing their furs from what claims to be the most ‘ethical’ provider of fur around: Saga Furs. Saga claims to adhere to high standards of animal welfare before killing foxes, minks, chinchillas and other animals for the fashion industry.

But as a video produced by NGO Four Paws shows,  fur animals shut away in tiny wire cages, piles of excrement below the rows of cages, animals with infected eyes and morbidly obese bodies. In their final moments, these animals are yanked out of their cages and electrocuted to death.


If videos like these make you feel nauseous or at the very least, uncomfortable–it’s time to take action. Sign the petition to get Burberry to stop using fur in their fashion here.  Send Burberry and other fashion houses a message on Twitter saying there is simply NO excuse to use fur for fashion, especially given the fact that faux fur can be created from recycled plastic bottles, wool and mohair. Vote with your wallet by  refusing to buy anything from brands that incorporate fur into their fashion:  purchase no sunglasses, pullovers, perfumes or handbags. Instead, support brands like Stella McCartney,  Vaute Couture and Shrimps, which not only avoid fur in their designs, but all animal products–after all, if you wouldn’t wear a fox’s skin, why would you wear a cow’s?

All fashion images: Fendi

Chere Di Boscio
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