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Found! 12 Stylish Wood Sunglasses Brands

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

As proven by the fact that Armani‘s Canaletto Walnut models have now sold out, it’s pretty clear that wood sunglasses are definitely a ‘thing’ for the summer of 2015. But buyer beware: just because they’re made of wood doesn’t mean your sunglasses are eco-friendly. In fact, many, such as Armani’s and those made of Rosewood, Zebra wood and other hardwoods by well-known brands like Hatchet Eyewear, Schwood and Then and Now are probably actually doing more harm than good, not only by using endangered woods (and threatening forests) in their designs, but also by shipping lumber across the world to make their accessories.

While the most eco-friendly pair of sunnies would probably be vintage models found in second hand and vintage stores, if you do want to go with the wooden trend, here is our pick of the brands that are most conscious about their ethics, environmental sustainability, and of course, style.

1. Woodies

With the motto ‘See you at the beach!’ Woodies makes wood sunglasses that bring effortless style to any beach trip. Their simple, classic designs mean you can pop them on and go at any time of the day, and with their incredibly lightweight frames you won’t struggle the aftermath of a day in the sun with thick indentations on your skin. And with Kendall Jenner giving them her seal of stylish approval, who are we to disagree?

2. Shwood

A pioneer in the world of wooden sunglasses, Shwood’s Canby flagship model evokes the classic wayfarer styling through refined aesthetics that laid the groundwork for an entire wooden eyewear revolution.

wood sunglasses Pendleton-Shwood-2

3. Proof Eyewear

Proof sunglasses are designed with classic silhouettes  and use quality hand-made wood sunglasses out of sustainable woods. As ‘proof’ of its dedication to sustainability, Proof gives back 10% of their profits to non-profit organisations.

wood sunglasses proof3

4. Three Twigs Sunglasses

Three Twigs has a retro, post-modern style that was born “out of a desire to stagger into the sun and wait, near the water for the wilderness to come and deliver some very wearable timbery treats.” Highly protective brown polarised lenses and bamboo frames are the perfect match.

wood sunglasses


5. Capital Eyewear

Capital is handmade in the USA, using vertically integrated manufacturing, domestically sourced cherry hardwood and Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision. The wood is treated to bond natural fibres with a style that finds inspiration in Hollywood legends, such as Gregory Peck, or hip outlaws like Bonnie & Clyde.

Sunglasses-Made-in-USA-Bonnie-Clyde-Walnut-Wood-Brown-Lens 111212_capital_henry_sunglasses_1

6. Cloudfield Sunglasses

This eco friendly brand offers sunglasses that are hand crafted from bamboo, and which are fitted with polarised lenses that make them the perfect pair for driving. These sunglasses give 100% protection from harmful UV rays, while still looking super stylish.

1ecc14_231383f327da47ca9a92eb927d3a4bd7-mv2_d_2100_1400_s_2-jpg_srz_980_653_85_22_0-50_1-20_0 il_fullxfull-1121444949_tpfb

7. Noah Eyewear

The name ‘Noah’ definitely evokes wood, and the ark-structure of these sustainable sunglasses welds the finest quality hand-made sustainable wood and bamboo with lenses that are 100% UV protected.

Noah-03 99b75f13d76b08bd87c6995ec6af2f03

8. Woodlands Sunglasses

Woodlands brings you the classic design wooden sunglasses, made in Australia from beech, red wood, bamboo, and recycled wood, through the handicraft work of  six designers who are constantly experimenting with eco-materials.

fritz-Frames-1 woodlands-front Woodlands-side

 9. Hatchet Eyewear

Hatchet may have had a bad rap in the introduction to this feature, but its not all bad. Hatchet actually have some eco-friendly designs that don’t include the use of endangered woods, and they’re actually pretty cool. Not that we have favourites or anything, but we’re particularly fond of the bamboo wayfarer. Just sayin’.



10. Quiksilver UK & Vuerich B.

Quiksilver UK & Vuerich B. make a ‘totally rad’ team, as proven by their limited-edition wooden sunglasses made from recycled skateboard decks with polarised Carl Zeiss lenses that come in a variety of colours.

quiksilver_x_vuerich_sunglasses_2 wood sunglasses Quiksilver_Vuerich_B_Sunglasses_2-620x350

11. Palo Wood

Palo Wood is a fresh, new and totally eco-friendly brand in the eyewear world. Created in Barcelona in 2010, Palo Wood has creates up-to-the-minute eyewear styles with a passion for inventive designs using fast-growing wood that is sustainably grown and harvested from supervised plantations.

456237_189442034514265_130619618_o-1 palo-wooden-sunglasses

12. Termite Eyewear

Quirky by name, quirky by nature is the case for this innovative British brand. Half-opened laser-cut frames and coloured lenses define this design-led eyewear, crafted by Natalie Finch and Patricia Williams from reclaimed and recycled wood.



13. Panda Eyewear

Perhaps one of the most eco friendly wood sunglasses brands around is Panda. Made of 100% sustainable bamboo and encased in a natural bamboo case, these sunglasses come in black, brown and blonde frames – one to match just about any hair colour! With both UV and UVA protection, the lenses will ensure your eyes are shielded from any harmful rays, too.

Panda-Sunglasses Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 4.55.44 PM

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    Apr 13, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    I’ve brought Old Youth for the last two years. I’ve found them to be great. Good price and they come with a matching box. I believe they have a new range as well.

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    Alen Green
    Sep 25, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    I guarantee you that Capital Eyeware is NOT handmade in the USA, they are made in China just like all the rest. They just aren’t as honest!

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    You forgot LEaO OPTiCS….

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      Mar 7, 2017 at 2:45 pm

      How much price of wooden sunglasses

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    Matt Longoria
    Jan 20, 2017 at 11:24 pm

    You forgot Kynd Clothing, we only use bamboo, never wood or trees and have some of the most original designs that are designed from scratch, we also donate 10% to charity.

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    David Eagan
    Jan 23, 2017 at 1:06 am

    You are missing a really cool company from texas called Republic of Sol

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    I have had a pretty good experience with
    Sunglasses treat me well so far and nice follow up to make sure I was happy as a customer.

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    Nicole of TheDankSloth
    Sep 5, 2017 at 5:23 am

    These eco-friendly sunglasses are great and they provide a very good details and information about them. It’s a great pair to have to help the environment more and use recyclable materials. I never even thought that they have a big impact to our environment.

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