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Fabryan: Femmes Fatales

By Lauren Belcher

Early this week, Fabryan’s owner and key designer, Samantha-Jane Agbontaen, quietly owned the room at their London Fashion Week Press Launch. She wore one of her own designs: a white blazer with black lapels and a floor length silk white skirt, demonstrating herself that Fabryan’s tailored fits, bold shapes and utterly feminine fabrics make for perfectly poised evening wear.


Further pieces displayed at the launch (which were also shown earlier on the runway in Berlin Fashion Week) underscored the brand’s wearability. Monochrome outfits were splashed with deep red; sculptural tops were rendered unique by careful choices of fabric; sheer black silk was hardened by chunky, African-inspired collars and bold belts, creating looks that shout to be worn by women with a strong sense of their own seductive power.


Indeed, the press launch was a true celebration of strong women, and Janet Kirlew, the editor of a new magazine called Women in Trade, encouraged us all to follow our dreams. As we all know, a strong woman must hold to her values, and Fabryan does just that–all of the clothes are designed and made in the UK, using ethically sourced materials such as wool, silk and cotton. There’s a strong ethos of teamwork and respect too; Samantha-Jane’s interns, who volunteered at the event all gushed about how much they loved working with her, and how she even asks for their opinion on the designs.

Screen_shot_2014-02-01_at_16.37_.53_  Unsurprisingly, the theme for the Autumn/Winter collection is Femme Fatale. In keeping with the tone of the Fabryan collection, Wolf London jewellers created accessories for the AW14 range, which included the above-mentioned collars, plus unique cufflinks for women’s blouses. We adore this modern twist on a manly tradition, and are in awe at the evolution of this elegant brand.


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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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