American Label Love: Eileen Fisher

By Diane Small

We get a thrill finding new sustainable luxury labels to love, and Eileen Fisher is one of them.

Designed for sophisticated women, the brand not only works on Fair Trade principles, providing fair wages, safe environments, educational and technical support and more to its workers, but of course uses eco-friendly materials, too.



While many labels use fine wool, cotton, silk, hemp and other natural fibres, New York based Fisher goes one step further, ensuring that the four stages of a garment’s life cycle are all sustainable. This starts at sourcing the raw material (where organic fibres are preferred) to manufacturing (where low carbon is the goal) to consumption (materials are durable and designed to last) to disposal (all fibres return organically to the earth, thanks to vegetable dyes and pure fibre blends).



Working on a ‘non-trend’ basis, where every piece is designed to be a timeless staple in your wardrobe, Fisher uses a unique  zero waste  knitting process called ‘seamless knitting’ for some of her pieces that creates a beautiful drape, has fewer production stages and reduced waste.

We adore not only the loose, sophisticated cuts of the trousers, jackets and blouses, but also the textures–from lightweight cotton and alpaca to a dense, rich velvet.

velvet-hour-final_03 velvet-hour-final_1 VL-J8195-BLACK

Fisher loves the fact that the natural beauty of animals and plants is reflected in her clothing. “Unbleached and undyed denim, linen and organic cotton are usually a shade of ecru that reflects the colour of the raw fibres”, she says.  “Undyed cashmere and undyed alpaca come in a range of browns, grays and creams, beautifully reflecting the different coats of the animals”.

And beautifully reflecting back on us, too.

Diane Small
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