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Eco Friendly Valentines Day Gift Ideas

By Chere Di Boscio

Valentine’s Day is definitely one of those ‘Hallmark Holidays’ that was created specifically to sell stuff. Obviously, we here at Eluxe are against this kind of thing in principle (personally, no one even exchanges Christmas presents in my household!) But the fact remains, some people (especially guys) are just better at expressing themselves materially. They may find it painfully difficult to say ‘I love you’ with their voice, but say just as much with the perfect gift. And that’s okay.

After all, just think about the impact the first ‘Valentine’s Card’ had. According to one legend of the roots of the day, an imprisoned Christian in ancient Rome called Valentine sent a message to his jailor’s daughter, with whom he had fallen in love, declaring his feelings for her. Just before his execution, he apparently wrote a moving letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression we still use today. Valentine was martyred, became a Saint, and the rest, as they say, is history.

There are actually several theories as to the origins of the day, and although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, each story emphasises romance and the celebration of love. Who are we to argue with that?

If you’re better at expressing your feelings with gifts and cards, here’s our selection of Eco Friendly Valentines Day Gift Ideas for 2016.

1. The Perfect Candle

Choosing a scented candle can be tricky: paraffin based ones give off the same kind of pollution as a diesel engine,

But Cire Trudon are some of the purest – and most gorgeously scented – candles in the world. Their beeswax base actually charges the air with negative ions, which help reduce positively charged ions in the air. To get all scientific about it, positive ions, or cations, are formed by the loss of electrons; negative ions, or anions, are formed by the gain of electrons. An atom that has either lost or gained one or more electrons, so that it has an electrical charge. Ions can be either positively or negatively charged. Positive ions are generated by electrical devices, by walking across carpets, and even by heating/cooling systems. They are a fact of life, but they can carry everything from dust to pollen to toxic mold, so it is important to reduce them. Indoor air typically has a higher concentration of positive ions.

This is where negatively charged ions come in. They bind together and have a heavier molecular weight so they are no longer floating around the air.

Cire Trudon provides plenty of these negative ions with their pure beeswax, non-leaded wicks and naturally derived fragrances. They come packaged in a green glass jar with the iconic gold seal – the same look they had when the company started making them for the Sun King, Louis the XIV of France. They may be a bit pricier than other candles, but what do you expect from a brand literally made for a King?


2. Chocolates–with a Difference

Chocolate is practically a health food these days. There are vegan, organic and even sugar free blends that use Xylitol or Stevia instead of disgusting chemical sugar substitutes – and guess what? They taste amazing! I mean, so amazing, you’ll almost feel guilty about enjoying these. But you shouldn’t – a bit of dark, organic chocolate gives your heart, mood and skin a boost thanks to all the antioxidants, anandamide and other naturally occurring chemicals in this wonder food.

One brand we particularly love is Rococo Chocolates: not only because it’s organic, but because the packaging is stunning, you can buy it online just about anywhere in the world, and oh yeah – it’s delicious!


3. A Relaxing Break

Get this, and it’s a gift for you as well as a gift for him! A weekend away at a lovely B&B in your area, preferably an eco-friendly one, with plenty of massages and other spa treatments thrown in is possibly the most romantic gift you can give, because essentially, it’s the gift of time spent well together, building memories that will last a lifetime!

In the UK, one of our top options is the quaintly beautiful 4 and 5 star Macdonald Hotels & Resorts, which are offering a romantic packages for Valentine’s Day that include dual use of spa facilities like salt-mist steam rooms, hot stone saunas and thermal pools, as well as massages, facials and other treatments, with a sushi lunch served in between rubdowns.


4. Tattoo Your Love

Lovers have long inked the name of those they adore on their skin–sometimes with much regret later! Posh Tattoos offers a solution to this problem with their non-toxic “Love script” tattoos. Show off your fun side and sponge on sparkly golden words like “Love” “Amour” and “Sexy” in celebration of the  occasion for both you and him to enjoy.


5. A True Love Potion

Jasmine is known as the Queen of the Night, and now using the power of the scent of this nocturnally blooming flower, you can be a Queen of the Night, too! Tazeka Aromatherapy has blended jasmine, which warms the most sexual areas of your body, with rose oil, to bring emotional and physical sensuality into alignment, and with spicy cardamom to spark your sexual hunger.
Aphrodite is the goddess of sexuality and confidence, and this exotic, heady blend helps open your heart to real romantic connection, igniting  your passion . . . and his!

6. Sexy Undies for Him

Why should girls be the only ones getting lingerie for V-Day? Guys probably need it far more. Swap his grungy greys for some briefs or boxers from eco-friendly label DaDa, whose underwear is all made with bamboo and cotton blends. If your guy tends to neglect the purchasing of underwear until his are full of holes, grey and without elastic, DaDa offers a handy subscription service that delivers the pants when they’re probably just in need of a change. The gift that keeps on giving!


7. Sexy Undies for You

Of course, anything sexy you buy for yourself is actually a gift for him in a way too, right? There is an increasing number of gorgeous eco-friendly lingerie brands today (we did a whole special on them here) but for us, one of the sexiest is Hopeless Lingerie. Made from bamboo, silk, lace and in fact, any material the client so desires, each piece is made by hand, on order. With collections named ‘All of them Witches’ and ‘Bloody Valentine’, you can bet that each design is made with maximum naughtiness in mind. Grrr….!


8. Skincare for Him

The best gift for Valentine’s Day is having a peaceful day, with no arguments. Getting a guy his own skincare products can help facilitate this. Make him stop using your stuff by getting him something organic that works, like 66°30 moisturiser. Made using 100% organic natural ingredients, this product is perfect for an after-shave as well as a skin protector. Trust me, any guy would love it.


9. Beardy Bonus

Whether we ladies like it or not, the beard is still here, and if he loves to run his fingers through his man-hair as much as he does your locks, you may as well cater to that on V-Day. A good beard oil like this one by Badger healthy body care would make another great skincare option. 100% all natural and organic with ingredients ranging from jojoba oil to pomegranate moisturise, nourish and protect the beard.


10. DIY Love Coupons

You don’t need to buy a Valentine’s Day gift: Love Coupons are easy to make, free and a great way for you to express your feelings for your partner. They’re also something you can benefit from because you get spend time with your partner and make fun, sexy memories together. Plus, you’ll find it fun when they redeem the coupons!

You can find plenty of ideas here, and try to make your own, or print some out from the internet. A little creativity can go a long way…


11. Vintage Valentines

Prefer the sweet, vintage Valentine’s Day cards of your youth? You can still find them! Just click here, for example. Send a few to your friends, or just get a book for them for nostalgia’s sake, as a little gift to yourself.


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