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Loose & Easy Eco Fashion Brands for Summer

By Arwa Lodhi

With summer just around the corner, most of us will be spending more time outdoors, picnicking, bar-b-queing and hanging out in just about any green space we can find. And it seems the more time we spend outside, the more aware we are of the natural world around us and our impact on it.

These five eco fashion brands have been carefully selected for their ease on the Earth’s resources, as well as the comfort they offer, making you love summertime even more.

1. MATTER Trousers

Hand sewn by fairly paid artisans in developing countries, Matter’s latest collection showcases 5 evocative prints inspired by ancient cities along the Silk Road. With 4 new unisex styles of the Lounge Lunghi, Modern Monpe, Fisher Shorts and Easy Dhoti as well as a selection of plain chambrays, this edition begs to be worn on the beach. The technique used to print these eco-friendly pants is called Ikat, and it works like block printing. It’s a globally dispersed artisan craft, found from Okinawa to Guatemala, and is amazingly intricate, with the designs mapped onto the individual yarns and then tied and dyed by hand before being woven into patterns infused with meaning–and style!

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2. MENG Dresses and Kaftans

We first came across this brand last year, and fell hard for their long, silky kimonos. Now Meng has added a new line of kaftans and dresses that are perfect for summer: whether worn over jeans, slung over a bikini, or simply worn alone as a dress, wearing Meng will surely have people stopping you in the street, asking ‘where did you get that?’

Meng-SS15-beach-wear-red-flower-print-silk-georgette-wrap-kaftan-forest Meng-SS15-beach-wear-coral-print-silk-georgette-scarf-dress-navy-1 Meng-SS15-beach-wear-red-flower-print-silk-georgette-wrap-kaftan-purpleMENG 0021101 MENG 0021041 MENG 0020771

3. Coclico

Whether its walks through the woods, cycling in the park, or strolling along the city streets, Coclico has you covered. Their comfortable but very stylish shoes are ecologically made and feature peep toe, strappy sandal and chunky cork wedge styles to take you out all day this summer, without any of the sweaty, pinchy foot pain that can totally ruin an excursion and make you wish you’d just worn flip flops. To commemorate Earth Day this year, the brand will donate 20% of all proceeds generated to the USC Canada See Saver organization, which works to support programs and policies that encourage sustainable practices along with providing rights to the native people and small-scale farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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4. Threads 4 Thought

This chic sustainable brand can be found at some of New York City’s finest retailers, like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, as well as online. Their collection of sleeveless dresses, tanks, graphic tees, maxi skirts and more in a range of colors and prints are crafted from a blend of organic cotton and recycled fibres, made from recycled water bottles. And everything clocks in under $100 – with many pieces under $50.

Best of all, the company treats every day like it’s Earth Day – this NYC-based sustainable lifestyle brand demonstrates their support for environmental protection via their mission, manufacturing and materials.

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5. Isabell De Hillerin

If you like you clothing slightly oversized but simultaneously super-chic, then we’ve found the designer for you. Darling of Berlin fashion week Isabell de Hillerin’s work combines clean, innovative cuts and folkloric handmade Romanian and Moldovan materials, beautifully blending new design and old tradition. To strengthen the traditional artisan industry in the poorest of European nations, her label works with local manufacturers to support the production of handmade materials. Her aim is to push these highly skilled craftsmen by publicising and utilising their cultural skills in a way that hasn´t been done before, resulting in loose and pretty styles that suit every figure.

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