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Eco Chic Design Awards 2014: Sneak Peek

By Chere Di Boscio
Whilst most of us are resolving to have a healthier, more prosperous new year, over in Hong Kong a very select group of designers are preparing for one event that will define 2014 for them: the Eco Chic Design Awards.
Held every year since 2011, the Eco Chic Design Awards are growing in popularity and scope.  The sustainable fashion design competition inspires emerging fashion designers and students to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste.
Each competition cycle takes designers on an education and design journey lasting several theory and design-packed months, beginning with educating designers about the fashion industry’s negative environmental impacts and the sustainable fashion design techniques, zero-waste, up-cycling and reconstruction that can combat this.
Secondly, lectures, videos, articles and recommended links provide the designers with the tools they need to develop their understanding of sustainable fashion design.
Finally, the designers are then put to the ultimate test – to cut waste out of fashion – in a standout sustainable design competition. This puts sustainable design talent in the spotlight and rewards the best with career-changing prizes to help change the pattern of fashion.
This year, the Eco Chic Design Awards was opened to the UK, France, Belgium and Germany, as well as the initial nations that launched the Awards, Taiwan, China, Singapore and Hong Kong.
Recently, the current Eco Chic Design Awards candidates held a fashion photo-shoot (styled by Denise Ho and photographed by Tim Wong) with one of each of  the finalists showing one of their minimal waste designs that will be presented on the runway in January 2014.
Which one will win is anyone’s guess, but judging from these images, there’s no doubt that this year’s competition will be tight!
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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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