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Do U Speak Green? Eco Yoga Wear

Do U Speak Green?

By Chere Di Boscio

It sounds like a text from an eco-obsessed teen, but Do U Speak Green? is also a large India-based brand of sustainable yoga wear crafted from organic bamboo and cotton, with a bit of elastane thrown in for movability and longevity. The first clothing brand to receive the Carbon Footprint mark of approval by the SGS, the company also boasts that it was the world’s first to dedicate 10% of its sales to environmental conservation; specifically, to the Bombay Natural History Society.

Do U Speak Green’s founder, Shishir Goenka, says inspiration for the line came from the heart: “my personal interest in the environment and experience in clothing manufacturing and exporting led me to start it”. Goenka points out that customers who buy these products not only help encourage the growth of organic cotton, which helps keep the land free of harmful chemicals, but as Do U Speak Green engages in FairTrade practices, they are also helping farmers earn a satisfying and stable living.

While some may question why it is important to buy specific clothing for yoga, the company’s founder believes that as well as being comfortable and looking stylish, dedicated yoga clothing lets practitioners move more easily, without causing worry about tops riding up in plough poses or bottoms ripped during warrior positions. Aimed at both men and women, Goenka hopes that the brand will attract people of all ages, ‘who care about their own and their children’s future. It is our mission to contribute to the betterment of our natural environment”.



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