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Devika Dass: Warrior Women

By Diane Small

Devika Dass, one of Eluxe’s favourite knitwear designers, recently showed her newest collection at London Fashion Week’s Estethica showrooms.


Inspired by the warrior women from ancient civilisations, Dass’s second collection interprets how these fierce women would look in urbanised modern-day reality: they would wear fur, but in this case, it’s ‘eco-fur’ made from wool, and added to dresses, gilets and coats to keep them warm and give them a wild edge.

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These modern women’s ‘armour ‘is reflected through the intricacies of the silk tape macramed pieces: although inspired by cold, hard metal, Dass’s delicately detailed silks are perfect for a stylish evening out.

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Day pieces are embroidered with primitive, chunky yarns and blanket-stitched edges. All the pieces still have the same signature of beautiful hand made quality using the highest grades of eco-luxury yarns; namely baby Alpaca and silk.

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Devika Dass’s warrior women will soon be fearlessly strutting their style throughout London and beyond, showing that fierce style has a place just about anywhere in the city battleground, from rummaging through vintage stores in Paris or dining at The Ivy.


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