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Croatian Gothic: KTEIS

By Arwa Lodhi

Kteis is all about strong women. The ancient Greek word is generally perceived to mean ‘Mother Goddess’. With her fierce aesthetic, it’s clear that the brand’s creator, known only as Ksenija, is a woman who likes to be in charge.

Ksenija is a fashion designer based in the beautiful city of Zagreb, Croatia who studied at the Academy Of Fine Arts there. A Β visual artist and photographer, as well as a clothing designer, she is currently mainly focuses on experimenting with making designs with natural French dye on sustainable silk.


Part of the Not Just a Label Collective, Ksenija says she prefers this material, not only for its sustainability, but because it is ‘a very inspiring material…it gives me that ethereal, feminine feeling which entices the creative juices in me.’ You can almost sense the lightness of the silk from the photographs alone; a lightness that contrasts with the strong colours and bold designs it holds.


With new designers such as Macedonia’s Ivana Knez and Elena Spasovska, it seems that Ksenija is adding another name to a growing list of innovative sustainable fashion talents coming from the Balkan Region.

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