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Good Vibrations: How To Use Colour Energy in Fashion

by Coral Brown

When building a look, the elements of fashion to choose from are limitless. I might choose the way I dress because it resembles people I admire, or I appreciate what it stands for (like minimalism with gender equality), or it suits my figure, or goddamnit I just like the way it looks. But now there’s research into a whole new dimension to the effect you can achieve with an outfit: harnessing vibrational colour energy in fashion. *Mind erupts into a mushroom cloud of awe*

Colour has long played a  symbolic role in clothing. The colour red, for example, is embellished with social and cultural associations of boldness and sexuality, black with mourning, white with purity, purple with luxury, and so on. But the actual vibrational energy of colour adds another branch to the effect it creates when creating an outfit. and it’s a real, measurable thing.

Let me unpack this with a rudimentary science lesson. Colour is a property of light, as our high school prism experiments taught us. Light can be understood to travel in the form of a wave, and different colours have different wavelengths. Red has the longest wavelength, so it has the lowest energy. The wavelengths shorten gradually through all the colours of the rainbow until you reach violet, which has the highest energy.

This vibrational energy can therefore inform how to select colours for certain moods. Choosing warmer hues creates a low energy unwind-with-a-glass-of-Shiraz-after-work vibe, whereas opting for colder blue or violet tones raises the energy to be on high alert. Perhaps it’s no accident that blue is more commonly associated with workwear and red with dinner party attire or lingerie.

In addition, some have linked this scientific aspect of colour to the spiritual Indian concept of the chakras, which are seven centres of spiritual power in the body. Each colour has a corresponding chakra with a similar level of energy. Higher vibrational colours relating to more enlightened chakras like spirituality, whilst lower vibrational colours relating to base chakras that deal with more animal needs, like sex and survival.

It’s therefore believed that wearing different colours will attract different energies. Here’s how you can harness colour energy in fashion to help empower the elements that are most necessary for your life at any given time.

Hot Red: The Root Chakra

Red represents the life force and is connected to surviving, eating enough food and saving enough money. If you’ve got a meeting with the bank or need a big energy boost, wear something bright red, like this cosy jumper by Shrimps. Not only may the red attract luck and money (as the Chinese have believed for centuries), but which bank manager could resist those kittens?

Shrimps AW16

Image: Shrimps

Inspiring Orange: The Sacral Chakra

Orange relates to connecting with others, encompassing friendship and compassion. I mean, just look at this jumpsuit by Stella Jean. It makes the model look super sweet and friendly, right? Not a usual catwalk look!  Orange  also reflects sexuality and creativity, so if you need a bit of inspiration, you know which colour to don.

Stella Jean 2

Image: stella jean

Cheery Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra

As many people seem to know intuitively, yellow is the colour of self-confidence, so if you need a boost in self-esteem, throw on a canary yellow jumper with a pair of skinny black jeans, or if you are feeling really confident, this dress by Laboni Saha. It’s also a cheerful colour that’s guaranteed to give you a mood boost.


Image: Laboni Saha

Relaxing Green: The Heart Chakra

Green is the colour of nature, and reflects our ability to love and be peaceful. It’s calming and earthy, and will put anyone around you at ease. The perfect colour for dealing with kids, or to work if you’re a counsellor or teacher.


Image: Carlos Ugarte photographer, M.Luna fashion

Expressive Blue: The Throat Chakra  

Blue and deals with self-expression and communication – and this asymmetrically cut dress by Bav Tailor is a great example of that individuality. If you need to nail a job interview or give a great presentation, blue is a good colour to wear – no wonder it’s so common in the office!

Image: Bav Tailor

Image: Bav Tailor

Spiritual Indigo: The Third Eye Chakra

Deep indigo relates to our imagination, intuition and wisdom. Got a big decision to make? Put on a  gorgeous indigo sweater, wrap or coat, like this one at Sydney Brown, and meditate.


Image: Sydney Brown

Powerful Purple: The Crown Chakra

Ever wonder why royals and high members of the church wear violet? It’s because this colour is related to power, wisdom and wealth. This purple dress below, by Beulah, kind of screams ‘luxury’, no? It also relates to spiritual connectivity, so make your yoga gear purple to really feel that workout in your mind, body and spirit.



So, next time you’re selecting your colours for the day’s outfit, consider whether you can utilise their vibrational energy to help you, whether you’re trying to wind down or hype up. Unless of course you choose to wear all seven colours of the rainbow at once, in which case you may or may not implode.

Main image: Beulah London

Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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