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Barbara i Gongini: Sustainable Fashion Gets Chimerical

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Chimerical: (adj):  existing only as the product of unchecked imagination; fantastically visionary. That’s the dictionary definition of the word, but chimerical also describes Barbara í Gongini’s new collection. The Nordic sustainable designer’s avant garde creations have…

Clothes Fashion

Granny Cool: A Rare Interview With Gudrun Sjoden

By Chere Di Boscio Unlike most (usually male) designers, Gudrun Sjoden wants women to be two things: happy and comfortable. Her waistbands here are often elastic; hemlines are low; shoes are sensible; cuts are generous. These are not clothes you’d be…

Clothes Fashion

Great News Or Greenwash? Mango Committed Collection

By Arwa Lodhi It all started with H&M’s Conscious Collection, and now another high street giant has taken steps towards sustainability. Mango has launched a new collection called Mango Committed, comprised of 45 pieces (25 women’s and 20 men’s items).…

Clothes Fashion

Label Love: The Autonomous Collection

By Millennia Severino London based Australian designer, Kim Stevenson founded The Autonomous Collections through her unwavering love of ethical practices and sustainability, which grew from a pressing concern for the environment. Stevenson’s vision is to revive and challenge our…

Clothes Fashion

The Good American: Good Apparel Fashion

By Andrea Plell Take a look at the tags in your clothing. Chances are they read ‘Made in China’, Vietnam or Bangladesh. Unless it’s vintage, finding a garment that’s ‘Made in USA’ might be as rare as plucking a…