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Bottletop Fashion Pops!

By Emma Tynan @emmatynan

In attendance for the first time at Estethica was accessories brandΒ Bottletop, establishedΒ in 2002 by Cameron Saul and his father Roger, founder of Mulberry.

Bottletop_Comprido (Silver)

Based in Salvador, Brazil, the company adds recycled bottle tops to the seams and surfaces of handbags and accessories to add colour and texture.

Bottletop_Maria (Black) Monica (Black)

The Bottletop fashionΒ workshop offers employment to women in the area and funds a health and education foundation that offers support to over 35,000 children and teenagers across Rwanda, Malawi, Brazil and Mozambique, so not only is the brand eco-friendly, it’s ethical too.

Bottletop_Nuda Black

The brand, which is already coveted by A-listers like Jessica Alba, plans to bring in top designers for future collaborations.

Bottletop_Clara (Black)

We’ve seen bottletops used on ecochic fashion before, but never has it looked as refined and chic as it does here–thanks to the high fashion techniques used by the brand, which are taught to each employ in the under-privileged areas of Brazil in which Bottletop operates.

A brand to keep tabs on, for sure.

Bottletop_Fernando (Brown)

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